The Committee is in Attendence

— Thursday, March 06, 2014. -26˚C / -13˚F @ 7:00 am. (( or -18˚C/0˚F — Depending on who you believe and which thermometer they’re reading ))

Several Deer on a hill in the snow.
A family of wild deer, looking for something to eat, just outside our porch window. The white deer is on the far right. This might be he best of about ten photos I shot in a hurry.

I should measure the distance from the window to the top of that bit of hill back there. I think a couple herds of deer come around looking for food at odd times. We notice them most often in early morning and right around sundown.

Several deer through a porch window.
We’ve been calling these guys, “The Committee” as they welcome Cathi home from work and sometimes watch her leave for work in the morning. They are rarely this close to our house.

Technically, this is not  a wonderful photograph. You can’t plan for events like this. Frost on the window in the process of melting left circular blobs. I think the speckles are bits of ice on the window to the left.

Deer on slight hill just outside our window.
This is another shot of the “Committee”. Plus you can see the white deer near the centre of the group here. The flash went off so there are odd reflections in the window. The flash did not scare the deer off.

Let’s see, I petted reindeer in a tourist trap theme park (“the North Pole”) in New York State and felt the velvet of their horns when I was a five year old. Also got pretty close to tame deer at Santa’s Land in Putney, Vermont. But I don’t think I ever got this close to a real family group in the wild like this.

Oh, and I was probably two feet away from a huge Moose who was stretched out to reach the lowest branches of a tree outside my sister’s living room window. If that moose lost his balance he could have come crashing through that window, and I might not be here to tell you about it. (Especially if two tonnes of flailing hooves and frightened Moose landed on me, or near enough to kick me to death…. eep.)