Saturday, August 17, 2013. 14˚C / 57˚F @ 8:00 am EDT.

Looks cool and clear here.

Cathi should have embarked on her house hunting marathon day.

I tried to encourage her last night to send me Smart Phone Email with impressions of each house as she goes. I don’t think she got the message. I’ll try again.

Moe got into the linen closet last night. Impressive pile of towels on the floor in front of the linen closet.

Dog dropped his bone down the cellar stairs yesterday, then looked at it and looked at me with “Don’t just stand there, go get my bone” written between the lines in his silly grin.

I passed out quickly after taking a bath last night… woke up with pins and needles type allergy headache. (line pins and needles shot into my brain from where the allergins made first contact… ack)

—Things are normal here, I guess.


Author: Jim

I think it's cool that one of the newest options in facebook, since they insist on trying to convince you that you NEED to enter all this information is: School Attended " "None of your effing business". If I know you- you know me. If I don't know you, I'll tell you only as much as I want to tell you.

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