Monday – Monday…..

July 20, 2013.  21°C / 64°F @ 6:30 pm (depends on which applet I’m looking at…) Cousin Jamie’s and Kaylie S.’s Birfday.

———-We had a brief but intense thunder storm a while back. One rumbling bit of thunder lasted so long I almost thought it was more earthquake than thunderstorm. We survived… I think…

After The STorm
After The Storm

This is what the parking lot next door looked like (Our smiling house overly white in bright sunlight) after the storm today.

Guest Cat Living Dangerously
Guest Cat Living Dangerously

This is “Guest Cat” / Max. He came to visit when his girl’s new roommate admitted to being extremely allergic to cats. Max let us know he was pretty much allergic to being abandoned without first being consulted. He’s been hiding out upstairs most of the time and only recently took the chance to come down and slip past the big black dog and chance encounters with Domino, the big stripey-spotty Bengal cat. Here is Max after knocking the cat treat bag on the floor and eating everything that spilled out, and after he found a bag full of plastic bags we keep for trash (etc) and spreading bags all over the living room floor. (Schnarr….)

Oh well, back to work, gotta clean up here and there and get outta here so somebody else can come look at the house. (The cats must like this unknown person— they haven’t left us any major messes anywhere.