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AerCastleRaces of Aerendel

(If you think I'm talking about souped up cars- take a hike.)
(The 'modern' Aerendeliens fly around on anti-grav cycles and in hovercars).

{ But lets concern ourselves with the time circa 5000-ish. }

{ In and around the Fifty First Century Most Aerendeliens considered themselves open minded and eager to learn anything they could about almost anything at all. They had no gunpowder, they had no electricity ((they'd never heard of either so they didn't miss them)), but they did have running water, indoor plumbing (gravity fed aqueducts), and toilet paper; and they did have Magic. The Mer had made peace with the 'Walkers' and prosperity seemed as near as tomorrow's batch of warm cookies. }

{ But then thousands of metal skinned creatures appeared Everywhere at once. Some of them had no faces. Some of them looked very much like members of most known races. Some just stood there. Some asked if there was anything they could do for any person who approached them, and asked in several languages. Some attacked to kill anything that moved near them with extreme skill and accuracy. }

{ And the Gonzakowitz family (Ymmps) seemed to be the only ones who understood that these creatures were not demons, and publicly stated that they could be stopped. They called them 'sparring dummies' and said they'd 'gone on the fritz'. They rounded up as many 'fearless' men and women (of all races) as they could and tried to either 'de-program' these 'gonzers' or herd them back down into the Ghardra caves where they'd come from. }

{ When several strangers wearing strange clothes arrived (many with clothes that were tight fitting and scandalously revealing) a large number of the local citizens objected, but when it was explained that these strangers came from another 'Kingdom' where the Ghardra had unleashed this peril in the past, and after it was shown that these odd strangers knew how to 'disable' errant 'gonzers' by pointing small (plastic) 'sceptors' at them and whispering magic words (something like 'sonofabitch' and 'Dieyoomuthir!') the locals accepted them all very quickly. Especially since their strange new Magic was so effective against those... things... And it seemed to the locals that these strangers were usually well educated and, well, rich.... so many of them began thrusting their eligible sons and daughters at the strangers and many of those strangers stayed in Aerendel and seemed to fit right in. Others lured the children of these fine citizens into strange habits of talk and dress, and some brought nothing but shame to anyone they dealt with. Some lured their new friends off to the Castle, after which many good citizens of Aerendel were rarely seen or heard from again. But some came back with wild stories of amazing things that made most parents believe their children had been drugged. }

{ But the Gonzakawitz family was credited with saving the day. And they were later credited with inventing many labor saving devices, which jumped the Aerendelien culture far ahead of their neighbors in terms of gadgets and gimmicks, but I'm getting ahead of myself here.... }

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