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        1. Highe Elves    2. Forest Elves    3. Mer    4. Dark Elves    5. Half Elves     6. Humans

7. Delvahrians


8. Khatzen     9. Faaxen     10. Ursans     11. Ottarians


12. Sprites     13. Faer Elves     14. Dhalggers

Recent (VERY RARE) Emigrees from the Faer Kingdoms:    27. Dryads    28. Satyrs


Qaeglans (Winged):

15. Doves     16. Ravenna     17. Hawks


18. Ymmpen


19. Ghardra    20. Drax     21. Gremlins

Exo-Skeletal :

22. Tiger Spiders     23. Sectoids

Trollish :

24. Rock Trolls

Rumoured Races :

25. Watchers     26. Meta Morphs



Elvish Races: (Delvahrians are not too crazy about being included in this group.)

1. Highe Elves :   are tall, thin, aloof, studious, Intelligent, Spiritual, Long Lived and have a nearly unsurpassed understanding of Magic.  (They believe they were the first of the "Junior Races" to evolve.)

2. Forest Elves :  are "average" in height and build, communal, sensitive, empathic, compassionate and prefer 'Natural' environments. (They shun the study of 'Orthodox' Magic.)

3. Mer :  are the descendants of Highe or Forest Elves who went underwater.  They breath Oxygen, have evolved extra chambers in their lungs that allow them to remain submerged for an hour or longer.  They have some of the strangest hair colours in this world. They have other racial tendencies that make them unique, like ESP and a propensity for madness.

4. Dark Elves:  were the offspring of Elves who had been captured and enslaved by the Ghardra. They were slaves of, and mistreated by, their Ghardran masters for centuries. They usually have greyish, greenish, or olive coloured skin. Many have permanent chips on their shoulders. They have a natural affinity for Magic. Many form partnerships with (tolerant) Delvahrian Metalsmiths to produce beautiful and charmed weapons and other objects.

5. Half Elves:  are usually half human, a few are half Ottarian, half Mer, or 'Mixed' Elves. This is an extremely diverse group. Many develop chips on their shoulders or knock themselves out in the name of finding acceptance. Many are extremely creative. A few become quite destructive.

6. Humans:  appeared in this world suddenly and multiplied rapidly. They are not particularly liked or trusted by the other Elvish races. If they apply themselves, and learn Tolerance, they can succeed in just about anything.

7. Delvahrians:  (absolutely hate being called 'Dwarves') are shortish, extremely solid, extremely strong, and almost indefatigable. They are immune to most Magic.They are natural miners and metalsmiths. They consider themselves to be extremely religious and have been known to break into fist fights over the finer principles of religious dogma. They try to be tolerant toward the 'weaker' races.



Furry Races:  (All members of these races have claws:)

8.  Khatzen:  are the furriest of the furry races. They have a markedly 'Cat-like' appearance. They are Tribal. Traditionally, they mistrusted and feared Magic. (Only their Shamen, who were considered to 'walk among the dead', were allowed to use Magic.) Religious Magic was and is considered to be the gift of the gods (or God, for the recent Monotheistic converts). (*Since "khat" is some kind of addictive drug in the real world, I may change the name of this race. Let me know what you think about that.) They are strong and agile, a bit hard to understand, and would rather keep to themselves than mingle with other races. The few 'urbanized' Khatzen around try to tolerate 'outside races'.

9. Faaxen:  (Less Furry)  Faaxen have furless faces. Males grow prodigious sideburns, very thin moustaches. Most keep their tails hidden. They reserve the right to kill anyone who asks if they (especially women) have hair on their chests (or anywhere else that doesn't normally show). Faaxen are clever, often obsessive. They lack the physical strength of the Khatzen, but make up for this in 'Inner Strength'. Thieves and Religious Professionals are equally valued in the Faaxen culture. Their Moral Sense is confusing to outsiders.

10. Ursans:  Ursans are large, strong, gregarious, fun loving, and not always super bright- (Ursan Women are more intelligent than their men.) Their large, round faces accommodate thick, but not usually long beards. Men are proud of the hair on their bodies (which is a lot more sparse than the hair on a Khatzen body). It is rumoured that women use creams to remove most bodily hair. Men tend to be Bards (love telling jokes and drinking) and Carpenters. Women make a life long study of learning to motivate their men.

11. Ottarians: are usually under five feet tall and slender. They are playful, more intelligent than wise, nurturing, friendly to a fault and very quick and dangerous in a fight. They are confused by the concept of 'private property' and share anything they've got with almost anybody. [Delvahrians, who consider them 'compulsive thieves', believe that hard work can actually kill an Ottarian, and, out of a sense of duty to the less fortunate, often construct whole villages for them. Delvahrians will never forget than an 'army' of Ottarians saved their civilization.]



Faer Races:  (See 'The Faer Kingdoms' in the Manual)

12. Sprites:  are tiny, winged empaths. (They range from 6 inches to 2 feet, 5 inches in height) Most live to serve all creatures around them. Most specialize is serving one type of creature for life. (Those who love trees will rarely mix with those who love flowers.) Most have wings that resemble: Dragonfly's, Butterfly's or Hummingbirds' wings. Rare Sprites have wings that resemble undulating translucent circles. Sprites with 'Bats' Wings' often have peculiar ideas about how best to serve sentient beings and have been known to test 'Lust Arrow' spells in times and places that most would consider 'extremely inappropriate'.

13. Faer Elves:  {Faer Elves are not Meta Morphs}  Faer Elves are shortish, spindly, peevish (they live for a very very long time and develop intolerance for answering questions that they believe they gave everyone the answers for millennia ago-) and eccentric with a capital 'E'. They often avoid contact with 'inferior' races by going about as cats. They can shift their forms between their Elvish bodies, a pure cat form (almost always a domestic cat's form), and a very strange upright creature with 'psychedelic' coloured fur known as a 'Faer Cat'. A Faer Elf vegetarian will see nothing wrong with torturing and eating mice as a cat, and we're almost afraid to ask what Faer Cats eat.

14. Dhalggers:  {Dhalggers are not Meta Morphs}  It is very rare to see a Dhalgger in his or her 'Natural' form outside the Faer Kingdoms. Their natural form is that of a humanoid with a dog's head. Most Dhalggers go about in 'our' dimension as Half Elves, Humans, or Ottarians. Dhalggers can also assume a four legged dog's form. Dhalggers are communal beings. They are more intelligent than they look, nearly as empathic as Sprites, and have a knack for healing and nurturing. They are not among the best in normal military arts, unless someone they care about is threatened. They can often scare an enemy half to death by changing their form to resemble a were-wolf. If the ruse fails they're in trouble, after shifting to that form, a Dhalgger will not have enough energy left to put up a decent fight.

27. Dryads:  are full sized, winged, beautiful cratures.  (They range from 3 to 5.5 feet in height) It was long believed that all Dryads were females and 'barren'. This is not so. They are less capable of defending themselves than most. They are extremely empathic, and are the elves of legend, most likely to "steal" mistreated children from members of almost any other race. They cannot stand the thought of suffering, unloved children. And, Although most of them have very brightly coloured wings (most often compared to Butterfly's wings) They have a racial ability to blend in with their surroundings and become almost invisible, almost anywhere. Adults are among the most affectionate creatures in this world. Just don't neglect or abuse a child in their presence.

28. Satyrs:  are hoofed men and women, of average height. Most have horns growing out of their heads. (Some horns grow out of foreheads, some from beneath the hair line on the sides of their heads.) Most have a deep love of music, stories and wine. Most are very gregarious, friendly creatures. They are not too crazy about humans, and especially members of the cult that wears crosses on gold or silver chains around their necks. These humans mistook Satyrs for demonic creatures in their legends and set a bounty on them. Satyrs have strong, furry legs and strong, sensitive hands.





Qaeglans:  (Mammalian-Bird Hybrids)

      *Qaeglans are 'Winged Elvish' (or 'Humanoids') whose home planet was over-run by Sectoids. They, themselves, believe they are separated into three distinct races that cannot inter-marry. Others refer to these divisions as Sub-Species: Within these races or sub-species are innumerable clans. All Qaeglans have retractible Talons that make walking difficult.

15. Doves:  are the smallest, most fragile Qaeglans. They are also the most intelligent, and the most prone to develop Magic and/or 'Psidahrian' talents. Many also delve into the Arts and Bardic Sciences. Doves tend to have the lightest and brightest wing colours. (Usually grow between three and four feet tall).

16. Ravenna:  are the mid sized Qaeglans. They are also the most diverse. They usually grow to between four and six feet in height. They come in all temperaments and exhibit all kinds of professional propensities. They are more physically fragile than 'walkers' of similar size and must train for years before they can use their talons really effectively in a fight. A lot of strength and stamina goes into flying. They can be murder with ranged weapons.

17. Hawks:  are the rarest Qaeglans, but may be the most often seen by non Qaeglans. They usually grow to between seven and nine feet in height.  They are the strongest and least fragile Qaeglans and have been known to swoop down on enemies, catch them in their talons, fly up a couple hundred feet and let go. Most Hawks follow Military and/or Construction callings.




18. Ymmpen:  'Ymmps' claim to have the genetic codes to all creatures in their DNA. But, they have three strands of the stuff, so they call it "TNA". They're not quite Mammals, they aren't exactly Reptilian, they certainly are not insects and they're not quite birds. (A few Ymmps in each generation grow some kind of wings but they're almost always useless.) Most Ymmps look like they've been assembled from spare parts. They are usually between two and four feet tall and most often appear to be the missing link between Mammalians and Reptiles. They all have tails. Their tails contain glands that secrete an oily liquid that the Ghardran discovered can, if brewed just right, bestow 'Magical Powers' and longevity on the Ghardra who drinks it (If that Ghardra survives the acute nausea and hallucinations, and did brew it correctly). Other than that, Ymmps are fun-loving, intelligent, philosophical, irreverent, playful and compassionate. Smoking is good for them. They all try to develop an instant spell they call 'Fire Breath', which can kill most Ghardra (and anybody else) as well as light a fire or cigar.



19. Ghardra: The Ghardra are about the closest thing to Goblins we have in this world. They're born weak, sickly, stupid, sneaky, and afraid of everything around them. But every once in a while, one of them will cut a deal with an 'evil spirit' and become stronger, more intelligent, sneakier and more powerful. (These are the 'High Ghardra' who rule over their sub-terranean empires with brute force and terror.) (Unless their 'evil spirit' becomes bored with them and then they're usually torn to pieces and eaten alive by the Ghardra they terrorized and brutalized. (Oh, they're cannibals, too.) But then, every once in a while some lucky Ghardra manages to capture an Ymmp, cut off its tail, and brew a noxious potion, which, if the brewer survives, gives the Ghardra Super-Natural powers. They become 'Arch-Ghardra' and make life interesting for everybody. (Ymmps without tails waste away and die within months.) (Ymmps cannot be killed during the brewing or they can poison the potion from 'beyond'.) Adolph Hitler was an Arch-Ghardra who somehow made it to the planet Earth. Ghardra don't like sunlight.

20. Drax: are usually upright bi-pedal sentient Reptilians. Most are not too bright. Most are large, strong, brutal, and dangerous. Some are very intelligent. Intelligent Drax can be even more dangerous. Most Drax consider anything that isn't Reptilian fair game, and possibly, food. Some Drax believe in co-existing peacefully with other races. Most don't. Drax come in many sizes, shapes and temperaments. Some prefer swamps. Some prefer deserts. Some have large heads. Some have heads that look like bubbles on celery stalks. Most have claws. Some can spit (or bite with) poison.

21. Gremlins: are short, slight, quick & agile Reptilians. They are self-absorbed and make terrible parents. Young Gremlins either learn to steal the food they need or they die. A few Gremlins can pass for 'clever', but Wisdom is not in their vocabulary. A few manage to learn one or two rudimentary magic spells, but there aren't many Magic Guilds or Trainers who will teach a Gremlin anything. Gremlin 'Mages' or 'Sorcerers' more likely steal or buy 'charms' containing a limited number of uses of one spell or other. But most Gremlins live and die by their thieving skills. They are also pretty good at sabotage and with booby traps.




22. Tiger Spiders: are large (up to eight feet across and four feet tall) extremely sentient spiders. They have yellow and black stripes on their legs (hence, the name). They were hunted to the edge of extinction by the Sectoids and decided that their only hope of survival was to study and befriend sympathetic 'Two-Legs'. Their language is a system of clicks, grunts and grinding noises that only a few Elves, Ymmps, Half Elves and Humans have ever attempted to learn. Many Tiger Spiders have 'Psidahrian' talents and will communicate with 'Two-Legs' they think they can trust in this manner. Their knowledge of Magic Rivals the Highe Elves'. They can spin extremely valuable (light and nearly impenetrable) 'Tiger Silk' Armour. They can use their webbing to trap and immobilize their enemies. They can also paralyze with their stingers.

23. Sectoids:  are huge Insect-Elvish hybrids. They are believed to be the result of pre-historic racial tampering by the 'Brotherhood' (a power-hungry cult of the First Race {see Mythology}).  Many have grotesque 'humanoid' faces (the Elves won't own up to this one) and can speak more or less understandably to members of most other races. Many more cannot communicate with anyone outside their own race. Most want nothing to do with outsiders. Many would just as soon kill anybody who is not a member of their race. A lot of Sectoids are sexless 'drones'. Not very many grow functioning wings. Not many of those with wings can actually fly. Arch-Ghardra seek out and enslave most of those that can fly.




24. Rock Trolls:  get their name from their thick, hard skin. Rock Trolls, while they are among the most intelligent of Trolls, are probably 'barely sentient'. They are huge, incredibly strong, slow, and extremely destructive. They can claw their way through solid rock. (If somebody they're afraid of is right there to supervise them.  They do not have a long attention span.) & while they are an impressive sight wading among the normal sized members of any army, they are barely manageable and absolutely hate taking orders. They are also blind in daylight. Many of them, if trapped too far from a cave or other source of darkness, will dig themselves a hole and bury their heads... actually look like a boulder, until they move. (They can smell most creatures and are dangerous, even when they can't see who or what they're attacking.)


Rumoured Races:

25. "Watchers":  are semi-corporeal beings. They are translucent and can remain essentially invisible. Those who can see them describe them as 'walking tree trunks of flowing water'. Those who they have 'graced' with conversation report that many members of their race have either been banished from their own dimension or came here to track down their enemies (of their own un-named race) and kill them. Most have some measure of Psidahrian talent and training. ('Evil' types seek out 'Evil Watchers' to bargain for Psidahrian training. Most regret this action. 'Evil Watchers' drain fully corporeal beings of their energy in order to survive. 'Good' Watchers draw their energy from disciplined practices similar to Tai Chi and pranayama.) Watchers are often able to charm or enslave 'servants' to guard and carry around any physical property they might have. (They can communicate with their world through crystals.)

26. Meta Morphs:  are believed to be the descendants of the 'First Race'. (The Spiritual beings who first formed bodies for themselves and later used Spiritual Power to form bodies for 'younger' spirits who couldn't form their own. Still later the First Race discovered that they, like the animals they observed, could mate physically and reproduce that way- brought in less and less highly evolved spirits until the First Wars of Magic broke out. After the Last Wars of Magic ended in a stale-mate, most surviving members of the First Race either dissolved their bodies, committed suicide or went into deep hiding.) Meta Morphs are always born unaware of their abilities. Meta Morph Elders watch young Meta Morphs and decide whether to unlock their knowledge of their heritage or kill them as a danger to their race. Meta Morph Elders are extremely cautious when it comes to the balance of power between them and will (often) gladly sacrifice someone they believe will side with their rivals. Young Meta Morphs who are told of their pedigree are taught to 'shift' into one alternate sentient form. As their abilities grow, and if they are careful not to let any non-Meta Morphs know of their talents (or that Meta Morphs actually exist), they will be taught to morph into a third sentient form. In time they may learn to take on the form of 'Mythical' beings. From time to time it has been great sport (out of fear) for members of other races to search out and destroy anyone they suspect of being a Meta Morph. (And Very Strong Arch Ghardra have been known to change their forms at will, which adds to the danger of being a Meta Morph.)