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Occupations In Aerendel :

((Everybody gets two occupations. Their primary occupation is more important than their secondary. For instance; A Psi-Ranger would be able to develop high level Psi talents and be a slightly wimpy ranger. A Ranger-Psi would be stronger in Ranger skills and could use lower level Psi stuff. The Ranger-Psi Character would have more Hit Points. The Psi-Ranger would have more Psi Points, and less Hit Points. ))

The 9 Major Occupational Groups are:

Adventurer . Bard . Ranger

Military . Magicker . Religious

Artisan . Professional . Psidahrian

The specialities are as follow:

PCs may either proudly display their Occupations and Guild Marks, or choose "Adventurer" or something like "Ne'er do well", "Hussy", "Drunk" "Fine Upstanding Citizen", "Other Worlder", "Escaped Lunatic..." "Lost Soul" (et cetera) for their "Obvious Occupation" [Face it- Can you tell what everybody does for a living at a glance?] {{ Part of the Role-Play may be figuring out who does what. }}

{In Game description:}

Xerean Shantivarta is a young, wirey Ravenna Questor.
He is 165 cm tall, has fair skin, sapphire eyes and long charcoal hair.
He has strong black wings.
He is wearing a light blue leather Ranger's cloak and looks tired.
He shows the mark of the Rangers' Guild on his cloak.
He shows the mark of the Dove on his cloak.

(1)Xerean Shantivarta is a (2)young, (3)wirey (4)Ravenna (5)Questor.
He is (6)165 cm tall, has (7)fair skin, (8)sapphire eyes, and (9)long (10)charcoal hair.
He has (11)strong (12)black wings.
He is wearing a (13)light blue (14)leather (15)Ranger's cloak, and looks (16)tired.
He (17)shows the mark of the (18)Rangers' Guild on his (19)cloak.
He (17)shows the mark of the (18)Dove on his (19)cloak.

(1) first and last names (2) age (3) racial build (4) race (5) "Obvious Occupation".
(6) height (7) skin type (8) eye colour (9) hair style (10) hair colour.
(11) wings or fur description (12) wings or fur colour.
(13) Garment colour (14) garment description (15) Garment type* does not include armour worn beneath exterior garments. (16) "Obvious Mood".
(17) Guild / Religious tattoos or other marks marks can be shown or hidden (18) the religious / Guild mark (19) where mark or tattoo is displayed .

The light blue of the cloak is the choice of the religious sect he belongs to. (That makes him 'obviously' a Religious type. Since he'll be flying, that colour wouldn't be a bad choice for slinking through the forests.


*The Adventurer's Guild sells 'No Questions Asked' memberships to anyone who pays their low yearly dues. Magick Users who wish to go about unmolested by members of rival guilds gladly pay the pittance for the privilege of being mistaken for an Explorer, Bounty Hunter, Detective, Tourist or whatever.....

Adventurers range from Explorers to Thieves, with a lot of 'free money' coming in to the guild because they allow anyone to join for a cut rate "auxiliary" membership.

[[ Image at right by Naomi Ainslie, (I have asked permission to use this) see her stuff at Elfwood ]]

  • Adventurer Adventurers may be bored rich kids looking for something to amuse themselves with, or they may be terrified individuals in trouble for owing the wrong group of people too much money or too many favours. Many people who proudly display the Adventurers' Guild's mark belong to other organizations or guilds but quite a few are sort of 'generic lost souls' who might find it insulting to be called 'Tourists'. {Adventurers begin with [all level 1] Pick Lock, Hide, Dagger and Long Sword skills }
  • Thief   Thieves keep the local economy greased and moving. The fact that not everything they 'provide' or trade was come by in an exactly 'legal' manner doesn't bother some folks and drives others absolutely out of their minds. { pick lock, hide, dagger, long sword }
  • Rogue   Rogues are often thought of as 'wannabe' thieves, or brutes with not much skill who often do the dirty work, or act as 'muscle' for thieves, politicians, crooked constables... whatever. { blunt, ambush, hide, dagger }
  • Gambler   Gamblers are adventurers who believe that the odds should be in their favour. Having a few thieving skills often gets them out of sticky situations or enables them to bankroll their next hunch at some poor citizen's expense. { Hide, dagger, blunt, long sword }
  • Explorer   Explorers give the Adventurer's Guild a good name, well, almost. They often need to know how to pick a lock to break into the tomb of some unknown King or Queen (for strictly intellectual reasons, mind you... ; ) { build shelter, find water, build fire, long sword }
  • Bounty Hunter   Bounty Hunters are sort of Rogues with Licenses. They get to help the long arm of the law lock up the competition while they look around to find unguarded treasures that quite often follow them home. { Hide, ambush, blunt, long sword }
  • Detective   Detectives are people who are obsessed with solving crimes and other annoying blemishes in the polish of the world as they would like to know it. { hidden follow, ambush, blunt, long sword }
  • Spy   Spies are adventurers who may be trying to get secret information for a government or employer, they may be professional assassins. They may be professional nut cases who believe they have a purpose in life that no one else can know about. { 1 extra language, hide, blunt, dagger }
  • Tourist   Tourists wear funny clothes and often have expensive things hanging out of their pockets. Sometimes high level Questors or Protectors [see 'Religious'] go about disguised as tourists. { get lost, read guidebook, beg, long sword }


Bards often make music, or art or recite poetry, or act
Or dance, or delve deeply into the ancient mysteries,
Many have learned the magickal qualities of music.
Some become Bards because they're not really good

at anything else.

[[ Image at right is from someone at Elfwood (I will ask permission to use this as soon as I find the artist again.) ]]

  • Musician   Musicians play musical instruments, specializing in stringed instruments, wind instruments, or percussion. They also frequently need to know how to defend themselves, whether from drunken, unappreciative audiences or highwaymen (they travel around a lot). They also need to know how to charm landladies or land lords into either giving them free accommodation or not kicking them out when they can't pay their rent. { Stringed / Wind / Percussion instrument, long sword, busking, charm }
  • Singer    Singers sing, they also learn to play an instrument for those times when their voices give out, they also need to defend themselves and charm various landladies & landlords into giving them free or reduced rates on places to sleep for the night. { Stringed /Wind / Percussion instrument, long sword, singing, charm }
  • Balladeer   (Balladeer) Balladeers usually play stringed instruments and sing at the same time. They practice hard to get co ordin ated so they get an extra starting skill. { Stringed /Wind / Percussion instrument, singing, long sword, busking, charm }
  • Actor    Actors often tour the country side with other Bards, acting bits from plays and making fun of political goings on here and there. Their ability to distract an audience is often exploited by pickpockets and thieves. { Stringed /Wind / Percussion instrument, long sword, distract, charm }
  • Dancer    Dancers often charm and hypnotize their audiences with their motions. (Dark Elves are especially good at hypnotic, seductive dances...) { Stringed /Wind / Percussion instrument, long sword, hypnotic dance, charm }
  • Artist    Artist Bards develop the ability to open wild portals by drawing a place from memory and playing the right notes over or in front of their drawings. They usually carry pipes with them, both for their lightness and their protective uses if a sword is not handy... { Stringed /Wind / Percussion instrument, long sword, drawing, charm }
  • Poet    Poets often travel alone for part of the year, writing things down and trying to make sense of their worlds. Another group of them string haughty phrases together to encourage raucous laughter in pubs. {{ Ursan Bards often specialize in limericks }} { Stringed /Wind / Percussion instrument, long sword, distract, charm }
  • LoreMaster    Lore Masters may be story tellers or researchers of ancient runish knowledge. Khatzen LoreMasters keep their tribes' oral histories alive and recite long stories of who was who's father and mother, and what honours each members of any tribe's ancestors brought to that tribe. { Stringed /Wind / Percussion instrument, long sword, story telling, read runes}
  • Unemployed    The Bards Guild has a special cut rate membership for persons of questionable or non existent talent for, while pan handling may be illegal and punishable by pretty harsh measures in many cities, Busking is always allowed (with proof of Guild membership)- and really terrible buskers are often paid handsomely to either stop playing or move to a corner, where, for instance, a restaurateur's rival might have his or her establishment. { Stringed /Wind / Percussion instrument, long sword, busking, charm }


Rangers are often self sufficient quasi military types,
but they can also be self-sufficient anti-military types,
Hunters, Trappers, Trackers, Scouts, Pioneers, Farmers,
Breeders, and Woodsmyn, along with generic Rangers, can
function in deep wilderness as well as 'big cities'.

Rangers are almost always 'good guys' or believe they serve the light.

[[ Image at right by Naomi Ainslie, (I have asked permission to use this) see her stuff at Elfwood ]]

  • Ranger   Rangers often fend for themselves in the wilderness. Some are organized into military units, some are fiercely individual. {Generic Rangers' skills include bow [long bow or crossbow], long sword, stealth, and build shelter}
  • Scout   Scouts are often trailblazers or trail finders they are often out ahead of Rangers or other military units, or caravans or groups of refugees, using their stealth skills to detect the presence of enemies and/or find safe passage. {stealth, bow, long sword, identify herbs}
  • Hunter   Hunters usually hunt animals. Sometimes they hunt people. {stealth, long sword, bow, ambush}
  • Trapper   Trappers usually trap animals, sometimes trap enemies or fugitives from justice (or fugitives from injustice...) {stealth, long sword, bow, set traps}
  • Tracker   Trackers are very good at following animals and/or people (and things) through the wilderness or city streets. {stealth, long sword, bow, hidden follow}
  • Pioneer   Pioneers usually find a spot in the wilderness where they set down roots and start a new life. {long sword, bow, build shelter, tame animals}
  • Farmer   Farmers eek out a living off the land, some breed animals for sale, some grown food for city markets. {build shelter, find water, long sword, bow}
  • Breeder  Breeders get to breed and sell animals to other Characters. {build shelter, breed animals, long sword, bow}
  • Woodsmyn   Woodsmyn are usually hermit types who live in deep forests and rarely have anything to do with city folks. {build shelter, stealth, long sword, bow}


  • Soldier   Soldiers are trained to fight in land based military units.
  • Sailor  Sailors are trained to fight on ships at sea
  • Marine   Marines are trained to fight on ships and on land.
  • Barbarian   Barbarians are seen as soldiers with other than 'civilized' skill sets.
  • Pirate   Pirates are seen as effective, but unorthodox marines.
  • Terrorist   Terrorists are military-trained individuals who don't play by the rules, maybe because they are hopelessly outnumbered. Maybe because they just don't like the rules.
  • Anti-Terrorist   Anti-Terrorists are trained to deal with terrorists.
  • Guard   Guards are quasi military types trained to defend cities (or ships at sea or in port)
  • Constable   Constables are quasi military types who are trained to preserve the peace( or defend the lawless s.o.b.'s who run smaller communities as if they were private fiefdoms).


Orthodox Magick Guilds are very structured and try to pre-screen their
members for temperament, goals, background, honesty, ambitions...
and maybe 'other' (Racial Prejudices?)

Wild Magick "Circles" are more often groups of like minded folks
who band together to help each other and gladly share what they
learn with each other.

{ Orthodox }
[Orthodox Magick Users do not always fit into stereotypes,
but these are the stereotypes:]

  • Wizard   (Wizard) [Altruists who get suckered into leaving their comfortable hideaways to participate in campaigns / quests that they've been convinced will alter the future of the universe for the better.]
  • Mage   (Mage) [Mages almost obviously seek material gain for their knowledge and powers]
  • Sorcerer   (Sorcerer) [Sorcerers stereotypically seek power in its various forms]
{ Wild Magicker }
  • Druid   (Druid) {Druids bond with animals, gain insight, help from animals, and some say, high level Druids may be able to change into animals}
  • Witch   (Witch) {Witches, stereotypically, attempt to communicate with the dead and/or powerful entities from other dimensions. [[Wiccans attempt to live harmoniously and understand the forces of nature and the divine/ Necromancer Witches, like Sorcerers, may be in it for the power they hope to gain. There may be trouble brewing between the two factions. Some Wiccans have joined Druid Circles.]] }
  • Seeker   (Seeker) {Seekers are sort of half-religious, half magickers looking for their own special niche in this world. They are often able to pass themselves off as members of Orthodox Guilds and learn skills/spells they would not otherwise be able to learn. Most would then bring their knowledge to their friends and teach them what they've learned.}
  • ((Faeromancy))   Faeromancy is a type of magick discovered by citizens of the 'Faer Kingdoms'. It is rarely deadly, but can be classifed as 'dangerous' and/or "nuisance" magick. Spells that can turn several square yards into viscous goop that smells like dying skunks fighting giant dung beetles, can make it so hard for an opponent to move or even breath in the fumes, that they might become easy prey to a less than scrupulous bystander with a bow and arrow and decent aim. New spells are most often brought to our world by Faer Elf Wizards and Mages, who have been known to be difficult teachers.
[[ Image at right {{ faeromancer?? }} by Naomi Ainslie, (I have asked permission to use this) see her stuff at Elfwood ]]
{ Elder Granted: }
  • Shaman   (Shaman) Khatzen trained Shamen are very rare and may seem peculiar to anyone who sees them at work, or at all. They are rumoured to have the ability to kill with the touch of a feather and heal wounded folks by placing a stone on their chests.


Religious occupations or callings fall under 3 major types, Healer, Protector or Questor.

[[ Image at right by Naomi Ainslie. That person would most likely be a Questor. (I have asked permission to use this) see her stuff at Elfwood ]]

  • Healer   Healers are primarily concerned with healing injured and sick people (or animals) Most of them heal in the name of their religious sects. {Skills include healing, [blunt/long or short sword or dagger/staff] weapons skill, prayers, channeling religious magick}
  • Protector   Protectors believe their calling is to protect the defenseless. They can also heal, but their primary dedication is to Martial Arts. {martial arts, healing, prayers, channeling}
  • Questor   Questors are religious types who {voluntarily or otherwise} go out into the wide world to find something. Humility, the essence of God in the poor, the glory of their religious sect in battle... something. [It is widely believed that Questors were annoying to the heads of their religious orders, were taught defensive skills and sent away in the hopes that they would never come back.] {[sword/blunt/staff] weapon, healing, prayers, channeling religious magick}
The following are more than ceremonial titles for the above: They can train any similarly dedicated religious professional who might be at a lower level and teach new skills and/or spells to most religious types.
  • Priest   Priests are usually men and usually stay in one place, work at a place of 'worship' or in the immediate community around a church or temple.
  • Priestess   Priestess are usually women who stay in a town, city or village and tend to the community in and around their particular church or temple
  • Monk   Monks are usually men who either stick around in one place or travel wherever they are sent (by inner direction or by 'superiors' of their order).
  • Nun   Nuns are usually women who either stick around in one place or travel wherever they are sent (by inner direction or by 'superiors' of their order).
  • Sage   Sages are religious hermits or mavericks who impart wisdom or healing as they fit.
  • Sensei   Sensei is the title granted to a Protector who has progressed far enough to be able to teach younger/more inexperienced Protectors new moves or techniques.


  • Weaponsmith   (Weaponsmith) { make swords and other weapons and sell them to other characters }
  • Armourer   (Armourer) {Make Armour and sell it to other characters}
  • Mason   (Mason) {build with stone and brick}
  • Carpenter   (Carpenter) {build with wood}
  • Wagon Wright   (Wagon Wright) Make wagons which other characters buy to carry around more stuff than they can carry themselves (can also work with magick users to give their wagons invisibility charms/spells)
  • Locksmith   (Locksmiths) are able make locks and install them on doors and gates etc. they can also (usually) open locked doors and things.
  • Blacksmith   (Blacksmith) makes horse shoes and other metal objects { boxes, safes } and sells them
  • Harness Maker   (Harness Maker) Makes saddles, reins, other things necessary for riding and using horses, oxen, mules, etc.
  • Tailor   (Tailor) Makes clothing for males, females, and drones of the various races and makes a living at it.


  • Doctor   Doctors take the 'scientific' approach to healing.
  • Nurse   Nurses look after people who need extra time to heal.
  • Lawyer   Lawyers represent people who need to navigate the baffling maze of any legal system (of course, they also make those legal systems baffling so people who need to use the system need a lawyer in the first place. {born with a "litigation stupor" spell.}
  • Politician   Politicians are specialized lawyers, they like to believe they're in charge of things.
  • Teacher   Teachers teach stuff. Some of them are able to teach new skills to anybody who wants to learn.
  • Herbalist   Herbalists learn to identify and cultivate herbs. (Which is especially handy since it can be very difficult to know the difference between an herb that will permanently increase your intelligence and one that will burn out several important circuits in your brain.)
  • Astrologer   Astrologers read the heavens for clues to earthly life. Psi-Astrologers often have clues to human nature and/or 'fate' and don't always know whether the stars' positions dictate fate or indicate propensities or confuse people to the point where psychic messages bubble up through their metaphysical beings....
  • Miner   Miners dig into the ground looking for useful ores and rare minerals and gems. All Delvahrians belong to the Miners' Guild. Others can join too.
  • Guide   Guides are supposed to be newbie friendly individuals who don't mind escorting vulnerable newcomers around, keeping them alive while they get used to life in their new world. Official guides will have an official item proudly displayed on their body somewhere. These items will be impossible to 'fake'.


Psidahr is a science/art that is level based. Each level has abilities and states of mind
that characterize anyone who has reached that level.

  • ESPer   (ESPer) = a lucky person who is able to use ESP, whether trained or not.
  • Latent   (Unconscious) = A person (may doubt his or her own sanity) who gets feelings and hunches that that not everyone else does.
  • Novice   (Novice) Someone with Psi potential who has joined the guild and begun to understand and use their talents and abilities.
  • Initiate   (Initiate) Someone who is getting the hang of their talents and abilities
  • Patterner   (Patterner) Someone who has progressed as far as anyone with Psi as a secondary Occupation can get.
  • Weaver    (Psidahrians don't let non psidahrians know exactly who can do what at which level....)
  • Adept    But they get more powerful as they progress.
  • Master    And Psidahrian Masters are supposed to be able to do some pretty spectacular stuff...



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