“Real World” Photo of the Day – The Last Train

The Last Railroad locomotive in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
This is the last train on the tracks through Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. One thing I noticed since I’ve been here – Local, Regional, Provincial and Federal ‘Governments’ have a nasty habit of ‘going through the motions’- Deciding major decisions behind closed doors and then pretending to care what the citizens / taxpayers think of their decisions. They hold town meetings, they ask for ‘input’ and dismiss outright any opinion or point of view but their own. The Railroad ‘wanted to sell its tracks and routes to somebody who might continue to service this vital corridor’ between Ottawa and Petawawa – where there is a major armed services base. Several groups wanted to buy the tracks – etc. and keep the railroad alive. But the corporate ‘ice holes’ had made up their mind, nobody could pay their price. And before anybody could stop them, they rolled through, tore up the tracks and loaded them on cars behind this locomotive and chugged away with them. I blame the Conservative/Elitist mind-set. Divide and conquer – isolate dissenters. tear apart the infrastructure that could unite people. Stick it the them before they know what hit them. Corporate Fascism is alive and well in Canada. ~~~ TaleRocker  ( Photo by Cathi Harris / DreamCat )

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