Game Development Screen Shot of the Day – Absentia

Elf Warrior discovering land beyond a mountain.
“Absentia” – From the beginning, I wanted ‘my world’ to be different from almost every other game world I ever herd of- I knew ‘gamers’ who wanted to develop characters and role play with what I’d call ‘elegance’ and finesse. And I knew rabid gamers who wouldn’t be happy unless they could kill everything in sight. I couldn’t imagine why both these groups, and anybody else, whose tastes I probably couldn’t imagine before I ‘met’ them- shouldn’t be happy with the same ‘game’ One city could be a slash and hackers’ paradise. Another city could be under ‘Divine Protection’ and nobody could attack anybody else within its boundaries. I envisioned a city for people I knew who’d played ‘Sims Online’ where designers and developers could hang out, ‘own shops’ where they could upload, display and sell their wares and innovations within the game. I thought it would fun to call their city ‘Oblivia’ and surround it with a deep dense fog, and explain that the residents have no idea there’s anything beyond their city’s borders. Somebody told me there was a place called ‘Oblivia’ in the Pokemon universe. While I was grumbling that somebody stole my idea, the wild and crazy love of my life – And my ‘drafted’ artist who was learning to use Maya 3D – grinned, “Call the city ‘Absentia’ – I like the idea that I could tell people that I’d be in Absentia -” And this Elf warrior has just stumbled upon the hidden pass that leads to Absentia. ~~~ TaleRocker

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