Game Development Screen Shot of the Day – A Delvahrian

We’ve been calling these guys ‘Delvahrians’ – We didn’t want to call them ‘Dwarves’- They’re taller, larger and more robust than the ‘Ottarians’ [ Ottarians believe their race evolved from Otters- Delvahrians believe they were the first ‘intelligent’ life created by whichever ‘God’ they personally believe in and weren’t quite sure Who or What created Elves – and all those other races who began intruding into their lands after they’d been there, believing they were the only intelligent life – for thousands of years- living mostly underground in caves and tunnels they made beautiful through their own hard work. ] They can see in the dark – they are very hard workers, have no ‘gift’ for magic, other than Religious Magic – And they have definite ideas about the finer points of the various Religious Sects’ dogma. It is not unusual for Delvahrians to break into fist fights over interpretations of things like the finer points of  ‘Non-Violent Theory’ and things like that. They are semi-resistant to alcoholic beverages and comsume vast quantities at celebrations. They’ve only recently realized that many of their offspring, who had been expected to work in the mines as soon as they could walk, had died of loneliness, and have been secretly seeking advice on how to nurture their young from Ottarians, – and they have a ‘soft spot’ for Ottarians, whom they credit for saving their civilization in a crucial battle against incredibly overwhelming numbers of the Ghardra (goblins) and they have developed the belief that Ottarians can actually die of exhaustion if anybody ever forces them to do a normal day’s amount of work. — The Ottarians go along with that belief and practice having ‘near death experiences’ when they want to knock off early and go home and play with their kids.  ~~~ TaleRocker

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