Game Development Screen Shots of the Day – Looking for the originals of these two:

Landscape seemingly floating in black space.
This is a view that only someone building a game world will ever see. We set the clock in motion and were linking areas together, jumped from work to ‘play’ mode to see how we were doing and got this view. Of a section of the ‘Faer Kingdoms’. I just spent way too much time looking for the full size original screen shots of this view and the one to the right. Hopefully that image will remain on the right when I press the “publish” button.  Whattaya think? Wanna be a game world builder when ya grow up? ~~~ TaleRocker
Strange view of a disconnected landscape.
Another sight ‘civilians’ will probably never see. When you’re building a game world, you can turn off collisions – which means you can walk through walls, and walk through hills, and sometimes fall through the world and acquire an intimate knowledge of a different kind of ‘Hollow Earth Theory’. The solid ‘ground’ out there is a relatively flat area on the other side of a mountain range, and my builder character poked his head through the mountain. You might be able to see my partner in crime’s avatar – right of center on that flat section. – He looks like a bit of a dark vertical upright line. ~~~ TaleRocker

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