Second Day’s Work Exploded – But now it’s back, not quite in its original form

Thursday, July 30th, 2015 -( 16˚C / 61˚F Dark & ‘Clear’ @ 1:11 am in Atlantic Canada )-

Rounded man made dam spewing fog on Boxing Day, 2009

‘The Weir’ in Arnprior, where we used to live, filling the air with mist on Boxing Day, December 26th, 2009-

     The second mini installment of this novel is up on the page titled “Chapter 000”. I had to write it twice. WordPress gave me the “Do you really want to do this? Please try again.” and when I clicked “Please try again”, the editor reloaded itself with over 1,000 words I really fussed and laboured over all gone, forever.

     We had a mini black-out yesterday with a lot of heat a short distance from here and thunderstorm alerts all around us, and possible thunderstorms in the forecast all day and evening. But nothing in the thunderstorm realm actually materialized here. And the blackout?- That was before I had uploaded the first post and the first altered page that I’d renamed “Chapter 000”. So that doesn’t explain anything. But anyway, I said a lot of bad words and stomped around, got worried looks from the pets and a groan or two from the love of my life, who wasn’t impressed since I told the dog that if he was going to play, “No I don’t want to go outside and pee, I just want to sit here and have you feed me-” I wasn’t going to feed him. Cathi told me the dog then launched a campaign to drive her nuts until she stopped her nightly unwinding routines and fed him. I told her she should have yelled ‘Just feed the darned dog, will you, so he doesn’t ruin my night?’ and she said she had told me twice already that she wanted me to feed him. – I didn’t tell her that she’d never told me to feed the dog, she’d asked if I wanted to feed him- but didn’t ask with a soulful plea in her eyes and didn’t make it sound like it was half as important to her as I guess it was – But anyway –

     I sighed and plodded back into the office, sat down and started typing into AppleWorks, saved every couple of minutes grumbled a lot and snarled at the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and all that- mourned the loss of the feeling I had while I wrote it the first time- but got it down, and ran it through the spelling checker and saved it, copied and pasted it into the refreshed editing page and updated and checked it out and yup – it really is there. And here I am, listening to Art Bell on his new Midnight In The Desert program, he’s interviewing somebody about Out Of Body Experiences who described feeling walls as he walked through them 🙂

— Yay? –.

~~~~~ Jim


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