Another Novel or Two Might Grow Here In The Future

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 -( 16˚C / 61˚F — Sunny & warm in Atlantic Canada @ 8:08 am )-  && It’s my cousin Jaimie’s birfday somewhere in the USA and my friend, Kaylie S.’ Birfday, up here in Canada. 🙂

Orange Cat Man looking like a Prosperous Pirate.

Builder Character “Moe” looking very orange and Pirate like is standing there, trying to keep his friends from stumbling off the edge of the cliff behind him. This is ‘in the Parallel World’ that doesn’t quite match the ‘real world’ in the game we’re still developing. New characters can discover the parallel world by completing a quest that might be so simple that hard core slash & hacking gamers would be bored to death. -good- 🙂

     – So I’ve been wandering around since yesterday singing “All That You Dream” to myself, silently most of the time- I don’t want to scare the animals. I’ve also been scheming and plotting the next installment in the novel that I promised the wrong people I’d add something to every day- & Moe has nothing to do with setting any dreams on fire. He might, if the real Moe had opposable thumbs 🙂 Every Orange cat ever born has ‘Trouble’ for a middle name, you know that, right? 🙂

—Sigh–, Time to go bat my head against a wall – and shake my head and see if the story falls out of one of my ears 😉

~~~~~ Jim

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