Sunday, January 17th, 2016 -( -1˚C / +30˚F — Overcast, but fairly bright outside in Atlantic Canada @2:00 pm )-

Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda. I think this may be a very realistic painting, but I’m not sure.

— Lately I have become amazed at how many creative people have been inspired by Paramahansa Yogananda (photo or painting at the left) I know I have been, & still am.

— So, looking at this picture I’m almost ashamed to complain about the little things that have been going wrong lately, driving me out of my little mind – Hmmmm- maybe those little tribulations were designed to drive me out of my limitations and up into my higher intellectual center? — That would be nice.

— But anyway, dealing with something like a dozen WordPress Blogs ( Mine and several friends’) that are clamoring for updates almost constantly – having the blogs reject passwords that I knew were working yesterday – using my usual repertoire of euphemistic ‘schnarr’ words – and wanting to scream – is, I suppose, a lot more pleasant than dealing with some of my friends’ growing misgivings and sense that some wide-ranging conspiracy of global ‘Elitists’ manipulating mass media and pulling all kinds of strings, including possibly brainwashing and activating hapless victims into becoming mass murderers so the Elitists can manipulate everybody on planet Earth into a state of constant fear – Um, now that is something I would hate to become obsessed with.

— On the brighter, more optimistic side, I have re-discovered my password and as long as I can get that to work, I may be looking forward to uploading more of the fruits of my labours in the creative writing area – { the last couple times I tried to do that, Tablo wouldn’t allow it, claiming that something in my settings [which they said had something to do with Amazon dot-com?] were vulnerable to cyber attacks and then they would not allow me to even try to fix that. Maybe now that will find itself ameliorated.

— But right now, while I’m waiting for the update process to work itself out on my newer MacBook Pro, and I’m working on this post on a Mac Mini – All I want to do is gaze at the picture of Sri Yoganandaji and feel the Peace and Love and Understanding and Compassion and Inspiration and Encouragement and other good feelings I get whenever I see a picture or close my eyes and concentrate on what He looked like or what His presence feels like.

— Yum.

~~~~~ Jim