Still At It —> About time I added a new post, ya think?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 —>  +17°C / +63°F – Dark, becoming lighter with light rain @ 6:35 am in Atlantic Canada <—

Julienne At Night

Julienne Exploring Area 001

— Game development and story continuation has been going on without me posting here in quite a while. I’ve got quite a few blogs going in several different directions. Cathi and I have been painting the living room a creamy off-white colour and the bedroom a nice blue while she’s got the week off. The weather has been ‘deadly’ – hot & humid. And ‘Real Life’ issues keep getting in the way. But I do believe I’ve made another breakthrough in Yoga terms and no, I’m not spraying any miracles around, but I am subtly more optimistic lately.

— So let’s post this and see how it looks –


~~~~~ Jim


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