Game Development Screen Shot of the Day – More stuff about that Cave –

Inside a very colorful cave in a 3D game world.
After doing extensive work to get the cave to look right we messed around with ‘painting it’ because some of the colours were supposed to indicate the presence of minerals and possible gems, and after all – it was supposed to be part of another world, a parellel dimension inside the game – a place you can get to visit or stay in after you learn how to find and activate the portals – which happens as a result of a quest. A wizard type teaches you how to recognize and activate the portals. — We still did more ‘landscaping’ inside the cave after the colors made a few ‘glitches’ obvious, we worked the ‘erosion tools’ to get rid of most straight up and down cliffs and pulled some stalactites down and pushed others back up when they were blocking the pathways through the cave. ~~~ TaleRocker

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