“Real World” Photo of the Day – Christmas Tree Line across the melting ice on Chats Lake

Trees lined up across the Ottawa River late in the season, the ice is melting.
This is a photo of “Chats Lake”/the Ottawa River at Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. In the winter the river is frozen solid to the point where people can drive trucks across the ice here. A lot of snowmobiles regularly shoot all over the river – After Christmas, people take thrown away Christmas Trees and line them up from the end of the road where this ‘Dead End’ sign announces the end of the road. Best Guess? They line the trees up as a navigation aid for anyone who wants to shoot across the river here and probably ends where a similar road dead ends at the north side of the river in Quebec. It may be a popular crossing between Ontario and Quebec. There were announcements that doing this with Christmas trees was against a law. I took this photo in March of 2008, when the weather was warmer and the ice was melting. ~~~ TaleRocker

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