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Contents :
Lake Belwood in flood stage?

The Big Move!
Photo of an INFP
Photo of another INFP
Jernil / Forum stuff from Y2K


Lake Belwood with a lot of water, jrw 18 May, 2003



The Big Move

     We're gonna move...

     Cathi is being transferred.

     I've been a wreck since she got the "Urgent" call last week. The head of Material Management needs her in the Ottawa headquarters.

     She hates it in Toronto. She hates the Toronto area. (It's the 'New York City of Canada', drivers are horn happy and abusive. It's the dog eat dog world, Canadian style.) So, something like fate stepped in and decided it was time to re-organize her department.

     Because she has kids and logistical things like housing to find and moving to do, schools to contact... She has until September to get there. And her company has a pretty darned good system in place to help her get through this...

     This transfer couldn't come at a better time... Or could it? Nope, this is good, really good... But... Will the kids think so? Will her ex husband think so? Will the really good friends she's made here in the Toranna area think so? What about her absolutely wonderful babysitter?


     Okay. I thought I loved the idea, I'm starting to feel my stomach flip over when I hear more about the petty politix at the co-op here where she pays way more than twice what it would cost (per month) to buy a really nice house just a bit out of town in the Ottawa area.

    We've been looking at listings and found some houses and properties we absolutely fell in love with.

     Then I remember she turned white as a sheet while she was talking to the woman who told her to call the head of Material Management.

     She looked very serious and said, "If I say, "no-" to this, I'll never get out of Toranna."

     I was wondering if she was really worried or wondering how to break the news to some very important people in her life, people who aren't going to like this, people who will miss her dearly.

    Life is full of compromises and trade offs.

    You can't get something you want without losing something you might also want just as much.

     Or can you? I mean, why? Do we always put ourselves through needless mind-bending, gut-wrenching mental gymnastics for nothing?

     Then she says, "Well, they've given me offers almost like this before, and they didn't materialize, I can't count on anything until I have it in writing."

    Today she got the assurance that it will be in writing and that will happen next Monday.

     So she told her ex and she told her daughter. Her son was there but he doesn't quite grasp the significance of these talks, yet- If he grasps anything, he thinks he's going to go live near his cousins and he likes that idea.

    Her Daughter broke into tears tonight and was nearly inconsolable (She just might be an INFP, too soon to tell). The tears broke and she looked a bit hopeful when she thought out loud that it might be almost bearable if she got to be home-schooled with her cousins. Cathi looked stunned and smiled, "That might be possible!"

     I'm still nervous. I'm biting my tongue so I don't blab to everybody. I'm thinking this might be a dream come true, but there just might be a few minor night mares to clear up or slog our way through before the dream blossoms/explodes into a wonderful reality.

    It is 11:36 on Thursday, June 5th, 2003 as I write this line and this little essay isn't over... It's going to be continued...

     (Eeeeek!) : ) (?) [jrw].



  What the heck is an INFP?

INFP? MBTI? ENFP? ISFP? ESTJ? Gobbledy gook?

"MBTI" stands for "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" (Or "...Temperament Index", Depending on how well misinformed whomever you're talking to about it is.)

The MBTI is a test which measures your personality traits or preferences according to four polarities: (1) Extrovert vs. Introvert • (2) Sensing vs. iNtuitive • (3) Thinking vs. Feeling • & (4) Judging vs. Perceiving. (I capitalized the N in intuitive because that's the letter they use to indicate intuitive, rather than complicating things/ confusing psychologist/psychiatrist types (as well as others...) with having the letter I stand for two different traits/preferences.

An "ESTJ" would be a person with an Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging personality. An "INFP" would be an Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiver. There are sixteen possible combinations within this four polarities. And then, if somebody scores right in the middle of a category/polarity, they would get an "x" for their indicator. (An "INFx" would be somebody who is definitely (or quite probably) an Introverted iNtuitive Feeler who is so close to 50/50 in their Perceiving vs Judging preference that they're on the line.

In oversimplified terms:

Extrovert vs Introvert measures the way a person recharges (when low on energy) or recovers from any kind of Trauma. Extroverts are recharged by mingling with other people. Introverts like calm, quiet surroundings to help them recover or recharge.

Sensing vs iNtuiting measures the difference between someone who needs concrete facts and someone who can function in the realm of imagination. (Concrete Vs imaginary / Preferring something you can touch and hold Vs preferring abstract concepts)

Thinking Vs Feeling measures the differences between people who would rather make decisions by weighing all the facts they can gather (In whatever subject area they need to make their decision) versus someone who bases decisions on how they feel about something. (A thinker might want to buy a house in a 'good neighbourhood' close to highway on / off ramps with good schools and decent shopping/entertainment . A feeler spouse would probably drive the thinker to distraction by arguing that he or she couldn't live with the view or can't stand the architectural style because construction that uses a lot of small bricks gives him or her a headache or too many white houses give him or her the creeps.)

Judging Vs Perceiving: Judging types need to plan ahead to feel comfortable. Perceiving types like to be more in the moment. Judging types would schedule sensible amounts of time to keep their home clean and neat (especially if they were Sensing types as well) while Perceivers do not suffer a mental meltdown if some last minute mini-catastrophe causes them to change their plans.

I plan to have scads of good links below, but you can also find out a lot by typing "MBTI" in a google search engine box (or you can use any other web searching tool you might prefer:)

If you're interested you can take a free MBTI type test by clicking on the following link: Free Type Test .

(You might also like to visit Tim Sumrall's CPAD Personality Types Data Base Site)

- written up for us by dj otterson (INxx) - 05 decembre, 2002


E-Lists: (E-Mail forum kind of things? Fun E-mail support groups:)

The "Big List" : INFP at Yahoo Groups (over 2100 Members)

INFP-General More laid back and humourous, started by people who wanted to get away from flame wars on other lists.

A List dealing with INFP Relationships love etc.

INFP Photos for photographers and sensitive creative types.

 MBTI Over 40 for those who want to discuss mature matters without worrying about or weeding through the messages of thirteen to twenty somethings...


slightly out of focus INFP with big rocks behind her


another slightly out of focus INFP (in his "working" environment) (too close to the camera)




Forum / Jernils from Y2K

From: Jim Date: Tue Jan 4 22:07:54 MST 2000

-Walked for an hour and five minutes down along Short Beach
& out, around the point- almost to the light house
Hurricane Floyd certainly stirred up a lotta gunk in the water
& that's still here.
I saw a couple seagulls fight over something as the tide was going out-
(turned out to be the bait on a fisherman's hook)
One of the gulls got the hook, but not the bait.
I tried to help the fisherman catch the bird to get the hook out-
the guy finally gave up & cut the fishing line pretty close to the beak.
-I saw a bunch of Cormorants bashing their wings up and down
against the surface of the water (Long Island Sound)
I think my laughter encouraged them.
-But then, after I rounded the point
there was a green surgical glove
half full of sand
lying there
battered by the breeze
(Reminder of somebody's illegal dumping of medical waste again?)
-On the way back I saw a young woman with her (prohibited) pug, out for a walk
& the pug was dashing in circles, chasing the waves and
trying to bite them and
having a great time.
-So I said, "Somebody likes the beach."
-And the woman said, "It's his first time-"
-And as he ran to me she tried to warn me, "Sometimes he bites-"
But then she blushed as he licked me while I scratched his chest.
(Should I have told her that even nasty dogs usually like me?
Poor woman might think her dog just flunked 'Watch-Dog.101')
-And then, at the nearest Dunkin donuts stop,
Some aging High School Football Hero type,
with a Southern Accent he was trying to hide,
talked up a minor storm.
(I nodded my head and smiled and wondered if his father
or grandfather would have tried to kill me in the sixties
for wearing my hair too long.)
-Every once in a while he looked just a little more scared than lonely.
-I tried to be as warm as his cousins or uncles would have been
to anybody he brought home for a week long college break or something.
-Hope he went away thinking us 'Northerners ain't all bad-'
Guess maybe all storms settle down after a while-

(12:24:16 (PM) 9.19.1999) -jrw


From: Jim Date: Tue Jan 4 22:31:27 MST 2000
I've been busy
I haven't checked back here in too long.
They deleted my old Message Board.
I lost the awful non poem
legacy to a lost niece.

But here we are, living in the future...

The first day of this last year of the millennium
dawned in a fog.
After sunset the fog was either still with us
or back again.

I thought the moist nebulosity was an appropriate comment
on the state of the human race.

But it almost reached sixty degrees today
(That's Fahrenheit for those of you who might be reading this
in some hypothetical future or other.
Sixty Celsius would have really made headlines.)

And tonight it's raining.
Sounds like it could have been a foot of snow
if the temperature'd dropped ten degrees.

And I'm so tired from hassling with computers
Even a major meltdown would have felt like
not even worthy of a moderate sigh.


---Wednesday, January 5th, 2000 (12:27:54 pm)


From: Jim Date: Tue Jan 4 23:44:03 MST 2000

You won't get any prizes you can hang on to.

(Unless you can hang on to appreciative words now and then.)

This Message Board will skip lines.

But it won't indent to save it's on life.

(Two tabs in)

-----------Jim Wellington 1:40:24 AM (EST) Wednesday, January 5, 2000


From: Jim Date: Thu Jan 13 11:57:45 MST 2000

--== Web Site Changes ==--

We're moving the web site from Angelfire to Crosswinds.
We'll probably leave the site up at Anglefire and maybe
change a few links so visitors to the old site
will find themselves at the new site.
You may need to hit your 'Back' button to return to wherever
you were before you read this.
New Site's URL: [ <--- edited]
.........Thank You
...............Jim & the gang

From: dj otterson Date: Mon Jan 24 22:26:10 MST 2000


"As a joke
we told the Earthlings,
'God said
Sex is Bad!'

...They believed us!
(they've kept half the universe
laughing ourselves senseless
ever since.)

[translation from a secret cave
somewhere in South America] otterson


From: Jim Date: Sun Jan 30 13:27:36 MST 2000


As mentioned with the requested link-back
the 'button' (that sort of looks like a jewel with 'Aerendel' written on it?")
is from "Cool Archive do Com" (singular)
in order to get one with a 'Clear' background
it has to be in GIF format
They want you to use one of their fonts and bring the button away
ready made from their site.
I chose a font color as close to the color of the button as possible
and chose a period as my text, (".") (without the quotes)
and then downloaded the button, opened PhotDeluxe (that came free with my printer)
Chose my favorite font (Swordsman BoldItalic in this case)
and font colour... and wrote out 'Aerendel'
...and then had to carefully draw an outline around the actual 'thing'
(shape?) which contains the illusion of a jewel or a space ship or whatever you see there.
....and then had to delete the background
....and then had to "send" the "photo" "to disk"
in "GIF" format.
And finally we have our logo/button without a background that looks
awful. <>This may be extremely elementary to some of you,
But to those who are struggling to find their wings on the web
Have a Web Tip...

..............Jim Wellington 3:18:51 pm january 30, 2000


From: Jim Date: Fri Mar 10 08:22:45 MST 2000

(Lucas Land - From An Extremely Vivid Dream)

I dreamed I was in a Theme Park
And I'd been there before.
And, At least in this part of this park
Most of the buildings and the costumes the actors/employees wore
were Medieval, a kind of year round Renaissance Faire
At various times of day they had special quests that visitors could
participate in
For instance.
Around noon several Gargoyle statues came to life
And sprayed various (random) guests on the hand with (washable) gold paint
The town Elders would be notified and there would be an emergency meeting
and the Quest for several artifacts would be underway.
There was a Dragon Fang dagger (Plastic) (one long fang-like blade with two shorter fang like 'teeth' up near the handle part)
And there wre other artifacts (Like a Crystal ball and a Tarot-Like card of a Queen)
And all the guests who found these cards would be part of the climax where the guests who were 'touched' by the Gargoyles were 'cleansed' of the 'curse'
and the Gaygoyles which had come to life were turned back into stone.
There were also underground caves for different quests
And good dragon versus bad dragon quests
and certain times of the year when
'Expert Level Questing' took place.
Trolley like cars shuttled guests between various parts of the theme park
and, food cars on the same line served fast food or limited menu meals.
(In this dream I was looking for a certain menu car and watched several of the food cars pack up and leave (out of food?) I was disappointed.)
This time I found the Dragon Fang Dagger (In more or less plain sight in one of the dining cars.)
I remembered being with a group that had found the Queen's Card in a cell in the dungeon in the castle that was part of this set.
And a family came up out of the caves with a youngster who had decided he didn't want to brave the goblins, but one of the 'Elders' gave the boy
a 'Magic Globe' that glowed and played music and scared all the goblins away. He went back into the caves and scared goblins all afternoon.

..........Jim (10:20:40 AM EST March 10, 2000)


From: Jim Date: Thu Jan 13 12:13:09 MST 2000

December 21, 2012

is the date, according to the Aztec Calendar,
when all of Earth's Biorhythms Zero Out.
Latest News from the fringes indicate that
all life on Earth will make the jump
to a higher dimension.
Apparently, many of Earth's
current 'leaders' rather like things the way they are
and are consciously trying to keep us from making this jump.
They have allied with aliens (the greys)
who can't make the jump with us
because they have cut themselves off
from their emotional (Astral?) bodies.
(Their abductions of and experimentations with
humans ((supposedly okayed by our 'leaders'))
are an attempt to clone a hybrid race
with emotional bodies
so they can continue as a race.)
(Of course, I have no way of verifying this...)
The Biggest Problem here is:
Either we all make this jump or that's it:
No more life on Earth.
Luckily, we've got more friends than enemies.
Um, I'll keep ya posted. .........

2:03:04 pm (EST) 1.13.2000
................Jim Wellington


From: Bob Balogh Date: Wed Jan 19 07:07:42 MST 2000
I am ready to make the the top of my building!
I have had enough.
I am one of the greys...lots of grey on the head, beard, even pubic hair.
I am out of step. I have lived too much life. I am not politically correct,
and in the times in which we live, political correctness is a must--but I refuse to buy into it.
So I had better take my greying body up to the roof and take a leap. I will go out singing
"Suicide is Painless," as my grey body M*A*S*Hes onto the grey sidewalk.
Oh, shit! The only access to the roof is through the upstairs neighbor's apartment,
and they are out of town. Looks like I will be around for a while longer.


From: Jim Date: Sun Mar 12 17:42:47 MST 2000


Your reply has been sitting here for nearly two months and I didn't even notice.
I thought nobody had the guts to post anything.
Sure am glad I was wrong.


oh, {P.S.} and variations on the date the Earth's biorhythms zero out include 12-12-2023 and 12-23-2012.


From: Jim Date: Tue May 30 13:43:03 MDT 2000

---== Joy? ==---

So a psychic gave me a massage the other day...
She said I haven't been allowing myself any joy lately,
Rather than blame the entire material universe for discouraging joy in any form-
I'll admit it. She's right.




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