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  Magazine Notes, January 2, 2008
We are happy to say that contributors and contributed stories, poems etc., have made it necessary to create a whole new page just for contributor's bio's. Click here to view Contributors' Page.

dj otterson's work in progress: "An UnRemarkable Girl" is here, so far five parts/chapters of this novel are on line. This story has Supernatural and Psychological themes (so consider yourself warned?)


  Special Edition on Environmental Cancer  
Connecticut Is #1 For Breast Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society

The majority of breast cancer is environmentally caused, not genetic, and most tumors are estrogen dependent. Cancer prevention needs to be the top priority, even though it is not as profitable as cancer treatment to big business.

Both my mother, diagnoised at age 68, and I, diagnoised at age 48, had breast cancer. My tumor was tested and it is not genetic. My grandmother never had breast cancer.

We now have 18 year old victims, most people assume it is happening to older victims.

Also, 9% of the victims of breast cancer are men.

To try and prevent breast cancer there are some steps you can take to help yourself be safe. Do not put pesticides on your lawn because these pseudoestrogens can trigger abnormal cell division in the breast. Avoid animal fat in meat and dairy, particularly because this fat also contains high levels of pesticides, pollutants and hormones. You should opt for organic fruits and vegetables that are pesticide free and you can select deep sea fish to eat that are free of chemical carcinogens and pseudoestrogens. Use organic, chemical free cleaning products in your home and also think about using a reverse osmosis water filtration system. Additionally, please know that estrogen replacement therapy is an avoidable cause of breast cancer. Safer alternatives are available. To educate yourself further, please read "The Breast Cancer Prevention Program" by Dr. Samuel Epstein, which is the source for the above information. He is a professor of occupational and environmental medicine at the University of Illinois School of Public Health.

If you would like a resource to examine nutritional and herbal approaches to preventing and treating cancer, please read "Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer" by Donald Yance, CN, MH, AHG. He is a certified nutritionist and clinical master herbalist who specializes in cancer. Did you know that cancer feeds on sugar?

Additionally, you can educate yourself about the corporate connection to pollution that results in cancer for 1 in 8 women when you read "Breast Cancer Poisons, Profits and Prevention" by Liane Clorfene-Casten. She is an investigative journalist and Chair of the Chicago Environmental Task Force..

The connection between your environment and breast cancer can be understood by reading "Living Downstream" by Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D. She is a biologist on the faculty of Cornell University. Our air pollution is linked to our breast cancer rate, she stated in a lecture.

Gail Merrill, breast cancer survivor

(Gail is a Psychoterapist, LCSW, and Connecticut resident)

You can bookmark this page and check back periodically for more information.

Email: Aerendel with "Cancer Questions" in the subject line will be relayed to Gail, she is dedicated to this cause.

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