“Real World” Photograph of the Day – May 15th ‘Committee’ Meeting

Deer eating about 25 feet from our porch.
So Far I’ve avoided adding any of our ‘Wildlife’ photos to this page. One of the really nice things about living where we do is the deer who come looking for our neighbours’ handouts all winter. We started by throwing day old bread to them, then broke down and began buying small, and then large bags of oats – cheaper than dog or cat food – and had some happy, but skiddish ‘customers’ throughout both of our ‘unusual’/’new usual?’ winters here. This was on May 15th. The mother deer who was bringing three spotted fawns around this time last year hasn’t done that, if she only had one, or none this year maybe she’s teaching her yearlings to forage for themselves 🙂 ? This hill is about 15 – 25 feet from our porch. ~~~ TaleRocker

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