Another Photo of Arnprior’s Weir

The Weir om February of 2007.
“The Weir In Winter” From February 27, 2007 – This would have been the second day I was working for the cable teevee company in Arnprior and my assignment was to take still photos around town to replace the shots that had been playing on the bulletin board for months. This is one of my all time favourite photos of the Arnprior area. Not that it has a lot of artistic integrity or anything, but because it made a great background photo on my computer screen. I still use if for that- It cycles through on several of my Macs ( I often have three going at once ) as the desktop photos change every five minutes. I have one folder that has Godzilla for an icon and I sit it on the piece of ice that’s floating toward the curved man made dam that gives the weir its identity and its name. ~~~~~TaleRocker

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