Rain Rain Rain…

Spotty windshield Snowy Hill in bright sunlight
Brilliant Sunlight on Snowy Hill Through Jeep Windshield in the Rain.

Sunday, January 12th, 2014.

+7˚C / +45˚F @ 8:15 am. Very Wet outside.

I’m confused about when exactly I shot these photos. We pretty much conked out and slept most of Saturday. In the evening we had a nice visit with Alex. He is very happy with his new apartment (which Cathi checked out with her new camera and sent him the photos along with another place and he chose the one he got, and like I said before, likes it a lot.) Sunday? I don’t remember it being this sunny and bright. but this might have been a ‘bright moment’.

Snow, part of a house, trees & more snow through a rain splotched windshield.
Looks like an impressionistic painting. Porch and yard with trees in the background seen through Jeep’s very wet windshield.

I think we went out to the all day breakfast we missed yesterday because the freezing rain made the world just too slippery for Cathi to chance going out before we went to see Alex in the evening.


Freezing Rain On Emily’s Birthday

Interesting Shaped Icicle
Oddly shaped icicle growing outside a window on our back porch.

Saturday, January 11th, 2014.

-4˚C / +25˚F @ 1:00 pm with rain freezing and people having a heckuva time getting up the little hill on the corner of our Street and Canada Street.

We had planned to go check out an all day breakfast place that one of our local “spies” had suggested. But the cars going whirrrrrr whirrrrr Whirrrrrrrrr trying to get up that little bit of hill here changed Cathi’s mind before she got both eyes open.

Happy Birthday Emily, Dal and I’m trying to remember what ‘whatsername’  McCarthy’s name was (She lived across Clayton Street from my cousin in the 1990’s- as a kid she wanted to buy a horse and thought they could pick flowers from neighbouring houses’ gardens and sell them on the street corner to make enough money to go buy herself a horse.) 🙂

Also- Yesterday, I wanted to try to get to Home Depot to see if they have the kind of shelf brackets we left behind when we moved here 🙁

I need to build a couple more shelves before I can turn around in the office here without being afraid I’m going to knock something over, break something or slip on something that fell from  somewhere.

(Downloading video clips from flip cam as I type this, in a while I’ll be able to post scary pictures. But not quite as scary as the ones that got away, with one of our neighbours taking mini baby steps to try to inch her way up the hill (more like moving in milimeters, trying to stay vertical, trying to get somewhere  in one piece…..)


~~~~~Jim  (( Now 2:50 pm 01/11/2014 ))

Frozen Rain on tree branches.
Frozen Rain on Tree Branches.

Sunday, January 12, 2014.

+7˚C / +45˚F @ 8:15 am. Grey and very wet outside. Puddles on top of ice.

We went to Alex’s new (to him) apartment yesterday for dinner. Stopped to pick up a salad @ the Atlantic Superstore @ the corner of Smythe And Dundonald. Several employees were standing inside the air lock/entrance/exit. Several people were standing outside in the rain waiting to be let in. One man waiting outside announced to newcomers who came along and tried the door that the store had had a power blackout and they were waiting until their computer system, including all the cash registers, was back up and working and nobody knew how long that would take. Ten minutes? Half an hour or longer?

While we were there another couple people approached from the slippery soggy wet icy parking lot and another woman from outside came to the door, unlocked it from the inside and announced that it was going to take longer than they thought it would to get back up and ready to open their doors again.

Cathi and I gave up on that store and went to the Sobey’s on Regent Street.

We had a very nice dinner with Alex. After we got home (stopped on the way to pick up breakfast coffee at the Main Street Tim Hortons) I quickly developed a wicked headache, probably from all the strain of trying to walk on very slick ground.

I took aspirins and plopped on the bed while Cathi tried to listen to Coast to Coast A.M.

This morning it is still very wet. Our road is still ice covered and wet. Our driveway is still icy and has larger & deeper puddles on top of the ice.

We have several things we need to do today, and I need to write quite a few notes and get quite a few late holiday cards and greetings out.

We need to get out and buy more salt, and several other things.

I hope to write more here later.

—–Jim (( @ 8:45 am, 01-12-2014… a “2” day. ))

Ice Covered Jeep, driveway, road.
Iced Over Jeep in Driveway with icy road behind

—((( A chipmunk just ran across our back yard, climbed the wall in two jumps and dashed off out of sight. @ 8:48 am )))—


Fun With Security Cams

4 different shots on one screen
Split screen shot of 4 out of 8 security cams’ feed.

= January 8th, 2014. Natsha F.’s Birthday. =

For Christmas this year, Santa Claus got us a security camera system (partially to see if we can capture anything spiritual with the 100 foot night vision capability). Instructions say “set up the cameras close to the recorder before installing them wherever you want to install them permanently. So far, with all the snow outside and trying to decide exactly where to set up the cameras, the cameras are still inside, cluttering up the office with their cables and showing other office clutter while they cycle by on the screen. It’s a bit odd, now I know more or less what I look like from behind and at other strange angles. (Colours aren’t perfect on 4 of the cameras, but they’re close enough for what we want.  And instead of the bright white ‘Orphan Annie’ eyes they capitalize on spooky teevee shows I have more shots of me with very black eyes to muse over.)

Deer Feeding behind our neighbour's fence
Deer Behind Fence Yesterday.

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014. -16˚C / +4˚F (( Wind Chill = -12˚F)) @ 6:14 am.

Dreamed an epic dream that I was writing a deep, many layered novel. I didn’t know I was dreaming at the time, but I knew I was planning to turn my experiences into a deep epic novel, & wasn’t quite sure where it would go or where it would end.

The part I was  immersed in tonight was a wedding. With all sorts of intrigue as it was probably the first wedding this extended family had ever gone through at a non- smoking facility. Many of the single young men were sleeping in a basement (and I was one of them. Even if I felt like this was my immediate family’s upgraded basement) There was a Moe type Cat sleeping on my chest for at least part of the night before.

There was a lot of cattish behaviour (mostly talk) among the young ladies at the event. Intellectual snobbery, moral snobbery, flirting, triumphant hoots when the not so popular overweight woman was asked to dance by one of the most eligible of the bachelors. Subtle flirting, even the one with the most acid of tongues came close to melting when close to one young man and wanted to hide that from everybody, maybe especially him.

I got the impression there were lesbian undertones at one table, And a lot of “Try not to give the Patriarch / Matriarch a clue as to what any of this is all about.

When I woke up I had a strong impression that there was somebody or some entity walking around the kitchen. The dog growled and Max hissed. I looked at the clock, saw 5:56 (am) and thought someone had turned a light on. I wondered if Cathi was sick, getting up at this hour to find some medication so she could make it through another day of work.

I ended up looking at the ceiling in the living room (I ‘d been sleeping in the chair) and wondering where to put a night vision camera (to stand sentinel for things that go bump in the night.)

I should end this part of today’s journal here with the sound Jassper makes, growling in his sleepiness.

—-umm grrrrrrrrrr-

~~~~~Jim (Wednesday, January 8th, 6:26 am) ((anniversary of us moving into 626 Huntington Road in 1959)) Rod McCauley Jr’s Birthday.


Thursday, January 9th, 2014.  -18˚C / 0˚F @ 8:30 am ((Teevee guy said the windchill was -29˚C around 7:30 am)). Clear- cold-

Saturday is supposed to start out at around -18˚C /0˚F and gradually warm to about +8˚C in the evening.  (=+46˚F) We might just start out as snow, get about 4 hours of freezing rain before it turns into all rain… sounds like life will become ineresting on Saturday.

Sunday should be even warmer- with more rain? ((They’re talking +10˚C / 50˚F. ))

When I was trying to see the future for our annual prognostications- I saw a lot of precipitation and a lot of puddles surrounded by snow. (that was January) and so far it looks like I got that right.

~~~~~Jim  (more later?)

Happy Russian Christmas?

Photo Of Deer Behind Fence  on a Hill in the Snow.
Deer feeding behind the fence. ( Shot with security Cam through Window Screen)

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014. I think today is Eastern Orthodox Christmas Day.

-8˚C / +17˚F @ 10:00 am. There was a stiff northerly wind blowing at about 7:30 am.

We had all kinds  of warnings that a Polar Vortex was coming to freeze our behinds off. There were some school closures this morning.

Um. I have some catching up to do.

Maybe get back to this later.

~~~~~Jim ( @ 10:20 am 01/07/2014  = a “6” day. (snar) )

Happy New Year. (Yes, I believe it is a HAPPY & NEW -Year)


Wednesday Evening, January First, 2014. It is -15˚C / +5˚F @ 6:30 in our neck of the woods.

Wellington Court B-4 the plows found it
Monday Morning After the quiet wump of snow fell.

Monday Morning- We had been up all night, listening to Coast to Coast AM and trying to catch up on all sorts of things. My step daughter caught a plane back to London (Ontario) around 4 pm Sunday afternoon ((before the heavy snow fell,  after light snow had begun falling. This little corner of the universe has already gotten twice as much snow as it usually gets all winter. I think that’s what they said as they explained that one woman who was without power for 8 days was told that the street she lives on is no longer plowed because nobody lives on that street. When she said that she lives there they told her something else that made even less sense.))

Cars under snow wiff house in bkg.
Driveway, the groove is where I dragged the garbage can behind me.

We actually looked outside around 7 am and were shocked at how much snow had quietly fallen over night. Forecasters had thought we might get something like 15 to 25 centimeters ( 6 to 10 inches? ) I’m pretty sure we got at least a foot. But it was very light fluffy stuff that was easy to shovel and fairly easy to walk through.

Path to door through deep snow.
Snow isn’t always this pretty while it’s falling. And you can almost never get a photograph that looks exactly like what you saw with your own eyes.

We had a happy puppy dog (7 year old Lab named Jassper, a perennial puppy who spends half his time bounding up and down, at least 3 feet above the ground) since I had taken him for a walk in the snow before his bed time. He lost no traction in the deep snow (about half as deep as it later became) and I had visions of him bounding happily up the street and off into the woods dragging my severed arm behind him, but he never quite ripped my arm out of its socket, though I probably should have worried about the possibility that I could spend the rest of my life twisted halfway around with my legs pointed one way and my trunk pointing at least 90 degrees to the right of that direction.

Christmas lights and mountains of snow reaching porch windows.
I thought the snow mountain would reach the porch roof… that may be one snowfall in the future.

—A couple hours later— We had a couple errands to run, so we dragged ourselves out into the wilds after I used the snow blower and snow brushes to dig the jeep out and attempt to widen the driveway just a bit with the heavily frozen stuff under the new foot of snow presenting a bit of a problem.

Bowing trees along the road, bright sunlight ahead.
Trees along Bridge Street bowed and attempted to create an arch as we braved the freshly plowed byways.

And, looking ahead, we’ve heard self proclaimed seers and propagandists warning the future looks like a script for several “Mad Max” movies. But others have said that, no, the human race is evolving rapidly and waking up and the evil dark ops string pulling manipulating mother haters of this world will either quietly give up and go away or they will bloody their own heads and rupture their own hearts bashing their heads against the angelic brick walls of a reality they can never control.

Near prismatic sunburst through jeep window on Bridge Street.
The future’s so bright, you better wear sun glasses.

Yes, the blathering purveyors of negativism who believe they rule the world will fall flat on their faces as the social pyramid they want us to believe in collapses as those who were expected to believe they must dwell at the bottom and support the many many upper layers of the imaginary delusions of power just kind of scratch their heads and walk away, smiling at this amazingly beautiful universe we’ve been given to enjoy and experience.



Today’s Headlines

Thursday, November 28, 2013. 0˚C / 32˚F @1:30 pm.

Once again, if a politician opens his mouth and the word “jobs” comes out, you might as well not listen any further, there will be no truth in what follows (or preceeds) that.

Other words to beware of: “Leadership” “Security” “Law and Order”…

Gasoline went up two cents per liter in price over night. That’s something like 8 cents per gallon, right?

So anyway. Today’s Newspaper Headlines:

“[New Brunswick Premier] Alward drug plan pledge wasn’t a promise – Flemming”

Sub title: “Politics – Premier said at campaign stop plan would be in place within a year.”


Radio News (CBC) announced that US corporate managers have been fired for refusing to open their stores (or o ther places of business?) on Thanksgiving. One guy was interviewed, said he thought it would be making a positive statement for his parent corporation to make a stand in favour of their employees.


TV News:

During the floods in Calgary last Summer. After demanding that homeowners leave their homes, RCMP officers went from house to house and seized any firearms they found.

((Will somebody cue Spirit singing “1984” as our soundtrack here?))


Gasland II is on HBO Canada today.

What we don’t see is

“How much Natural Gas is being pumped back into the ground in Alaska by oil drillers so as not to drive the price of Natural Gas down?”


“Who stands to profit from poisoning the water of sovereign individuals all over the US and Canada, and anywhere else they can get away with Fracking?”


I heard some ‘conspiracy theorists’ claiming that there is a plot afoot to force people to move into urban centres where they can be totally controlled by evil controlling elitist types. Um, could Fracking be one of their tools? Make sure nobody can live safely anywhere they can Frack?

And are the wild horse roundups out west at least partially due to fracking interests not wanting to deal with wild horses possible interfering with or damaging their property?



Windy Rainy Cold Wednesday

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 ( a “6” day) ((  🙁  )) 55˚F/13˚C @ 11:59 pm.

There was snow on the ground this morning, I think I took photos (haven’t uploaded them yet.)

After yesterday’s power outage and subsequent internet outage, we had a technician pay us a visit this morning. He fixed the way the cat 5/6 cables flowed from the Bell Aliant modem to the Vonage ‘device’. And the last thing I had to do was reset the bridge in the office/computer room. (This may have cost us $60.00, Don’t know yet. )

Put together another doozy to try to organize the office. A fifteen pocket sorting thingamajig. Still have more to do…

Scandal of the day? Yesterday it was the guy in charge of the Canadian Mint doing immoral and probably illegal stuff to help a former Prime Minister’s family make money. Today? Canadian Security Agency people (CSIS and CSEC) (Ceases and Seasick?) helped the US NSA spy on the G20 representatives who were at the recent Toronta Summit. && More Senate Scandal Schnarr.

Oh, and Goldman Sacks says the looney will fall against the U$ Dollar some time in 2014.

Political Accountability versus Legal Accountability? In Question Period, the ‘ringmaster’ (Speaker) has no power to exact a ‘quality’ answer from anybody (read that: the “Prime Minister” ) Answers are coming from a central scripting agency (Peter Mansbridge)


Happy Birfday Joe Lockery & Strange day in this neck of the woods.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013.  +1˚C /34˚F Where We’re at. Joe Lockery’s Birfday.

Weather ‘Event’ coming tomorrow?

Today: The power went out at exactly 10:00 am. And Came Back on at exactly 10:45 am.

Internet never did come back. (We have a technician coming tomorrow between 8 and 11:30 am to hopefully fix that.)

10,000 year old settlement discovered by archeologists in Israel. They’re saying it dates from the first time wandering humanoids decided to park themselves in one place and inhabit permanent homes.   —Will they ever learn? There’s a whole lotta more history than they know about (or than they will admit to knowing about… why would they insist on screaming at us that we have only been sentient in this form for 4,000 years or so when the bleeping Sphinx is at least 10,500 years old. And how old are the ruins at Gobekli Tepe (“Go-Beckly-Teppy”) ?

Gaaaa- I have to go bye bye to let an “Important Security Update” attack my computer.

But First—> Are these Security Updates Making our lives & computers More Secure or are they “data-mining” our computers & sending the results to insidious NSA types?


Almost Halloween

Cathi and Jim snapped together in the Northside Market, Fredericton, NB, 26 Octobre, 2013.
Cathi and Jim snapped together in the Northside Market, 26 Octobre, 2013.

—Sunday, Octobre 27th, 2013 (grey and damp, 8˚C / 46˚F @ 7:20 pm here)

Yesterday we discovered the place where we can turn in bottles and cans for deposit rebates here. Then we continued on up the road a short distance to visit the Northside Market for the second time in two weeks.

—A customer at the “Brewed Awareness / Conscious Coffee” booth (behind us in the photo) Saw me taking photographs and asked if we’d like her to take our photo together. So of course we said yes.

—The Northside Market is an interesting place, an upscale Flea Market, open indoors year round. On October 26th there was a costume contest going on and a ‘House of Horrors’ put on by one of the vendors there.

Dinosaur Caostume with IronMan's Head for a goody bag.
There were lots of wonderful costumes being worn by happy kids and several adults. This was the only one I caught where the kid’s identity could not be guessed. (We are concerned with protecting children and their families.) And it was a very cool costume.

—We also caught the Winning Costume for 1st place in “Costumes worn by Vendors” category.

Woman Dressed up as a doll?
This Costume Won First Prize for a Vendor’s Costume.

—We also found some wonderful locally produced wine, healthy locally produced bread, and one of the best tasting chickens (also locally produced) we’ve even been lucky enough to find, buy and cook. (Yum).

—And seeing such happy, bright smiles on the faces so many kids makes me wish they held events like Halloween dress-ups more often- Give children the chance to be children more often.