First Significant Snow Of The Season

Friday, December 4th, 2015 -( -6˚C / 21˚F — Clear & damp & “Brrrr” in Atlantic Canada @ 9:16 am )-

Sunlight hitting trees burdened with snow behind trees in shadow.
The sky was an amazing pinkish tobacco colour about ten minutes before I took this photo. At full size this almost captures the magic-
Snow laden tree photographed with flash before dawn.
This was shot from almost the same spot as the photo above it, at about 5:55 am – The photo above was shot at about 7:47 am.
Snow laden branches
Canada Street is hiding behind snow laden trees in this shot. This scene, backlit by streetlights before dawn was spectacular, but I couldn’t mess with the exposure well enough to capture that. I did fuss with brightness, contrast and saturation just a bit to get this effect several minutes after a magical sunrise in the upper right has lost its dazzle.
Trees bowing with heavy wet snow.
This is up the hill to the south and west from Cathi’s ‘Zen Corner’ of our yard. The trees are not bowing to us in worship, That is heavy wet snow and the trees are dancing their swan song in beautiful but heavy dresses.

—Last night’s snow was a sonofagun to clear away from the end of our driveway after the snowplow tried again to kill me by dumping hard to shovel heavy wet snow compacted not quite to the point where large climbs became ice boulders – And then clearing the icy wet heavy stuck snow from the roof of the van so Cathi could drive legally to work almost convinced my back that it was broken. Should I describe shooting, burning pains in back and shoulders? Nahhhh- This ‘first significant snow of the season’ was beautiful and inspiring, even if the damp cold did sting. Neighbours that often frown smiled and waved at me when they saw that I was taking photographs of the sunlight touching the trees up the top of the hill & giving us unexpected bits of morning colour in this newly whitened world.

~~~~~ Jim