Happy New Year. (Yes, I believe it is a HAPPY & NEW -Year)


Wednesday Evening, January First, 2014. It is -15˚C / +5˚F @ 6:30 in our neck of the woods.

Wellington Court B-4 the plows found it
Monday Morning After the quiet wump of snow fell.

Monday Morning- We had been up all night, listening to Coast to Coast AM and trying to catch up on all sorts of things. My step daughter caught a plane back to London (Ontario) around 4 pm Sunday afternoon ((before the heavy snow fell,  after light snow had begun falling. This little corner of the universe has already gotten twice as much snow as it usually gets all winter. I think that’s what they said as they explained that one woman who was without power for 8 days was told that the street she lives on is no longer plowed because nobody lives on that street. When she said that she lives there they told her something else that made even less sense.))

Cars under snow wiff house in bkg.
Driveway, the groove is where I dragged the garbage can behind me.

We actually looked outside around 7 am and were shocked at how much snow had quietly fallen over night. Forecasters had thought we might get something like 15 to 25 centimeters ( 6 to 10 inches? ) I’m pretty sure we got at least a foot. But it was very light fluffy stuff that was easy to shovel and fairly easy to walk through.

Path to door through deep snow.
Snow isn’t always this pretty while it’s falling. And you can almost never get a photograph that looks exactly like what you saw with your own eyes.

We had a happy puppy dog (7 year old Lab named Jassper, a perennial puppy who spends half his time bounding up and down, at least 3 feet above the ground) since I had taken him for a walk in the snow before his bed time. He lost no traction in the deep snow (about half as deep as it later became) and I had visions of him bounding happily up the street and off into the woods dragging my severed arm behind him, but he never quite ripped my arm out of its socket, though I probably should have worried about the possibility that I could spend the rest of my life twisted halfway around with my legs pointed one way and my trunk pointing at least 90 degrees to the right of that direction.

Christmas lights and mountains of snow reaching porch windows.
I thought the snow mountain would reach the porch roof… that may be one snowfall in the future.

—A couple hours later— We had a couple errands to run, so we dragged ourselves out into the wilds after I used the snow blower and snow brushes to dig the jeep out and attempt to widen the driveway just a bit with the heavily frozen stuff under the new foot of snow presenting a bit of a problem.

Bowing trees along the road, bright sunlight ahead.
Trees along Bridge Street bowed and attempted to create an arch as we braved the freshly plowed byways.

And, looking ahead, we’ve heard self proclaimed seers and propagandists warning the future looks like a script for several “Mad Max” movies. But others have said that, no, the human race is evolving rapidly and waking up and the evil dark ops string pulling manipulating mother haters of this world will either quietly give up and go away or they will bloody their own heads and rupture their own hearts bashing their heads against the angelic brick walls of a reality they can never control.

Near prismatic sunburst through jeep window on Bridge Street.
The future’s so bright, you better wear sun glasses.

Yes, the blathering purveyors of negativism who believe they rule the world will fall flat on their faces as the social pyramid they want us to believe in collapses as those who were expected to believe they must dwell at the bottom and support the many many upper layers of the imaginary delusions of power just kind of scratch their heads and walk away, smiling at this amazingly beautiful universe we’ve been given to enjoy and experience.



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