Sunday- Box City Revisited? Aquarium TeeVee Channels, Metal Shed Floors & Warm Friendly Neighbours.

Sunday, September 15th, 2013. 12˚C /54˚F @9:29 pm in our neck of the woods.

Jim Finishing Shed Floor jpg
Shed Flooring Kit

We worked on at least getting the floor kit together for our new and needed 10′ by 8′ Steel Shed. (got it at a bargain price the other day). That’s me with the jeep and van in the background.

Boxes up to our eyebulbs ...
“Box City” (Our living Room)

This is what we have been waking up to, plodding through and collapsing at night with since last Wednesday. Each box takes an exponentially longer time to get through. And we do feel more and more elated each time we finish one more box.

Cat + Couch + Window jpg
Max peering out a window.

I’m a bit worried about this guy. He’s 14 years old, and he seems to be losing weight and looks like he’s not quite the same old Max. But he did survive the move and he still appreciates a nice cat friendly window.

Aquarium Channel on Flat panel Television jpg
The Aquarium TeeVee Channel? (Actually “Scenery Channel”)

We found this channel either last night or this morning. It comes complete with gurgling water sounds. I’m thinking this should drive the cats nuts when they discover it. (If cats can see the same images we see…?)

Finishing Shed Floor. jpg
Nearly finished banging nails…

Looking South, I’m nearly finished putting the floor together for our new shed. Even our driveway (or “Laneway”?) is pretty. Just after we finished the floor, cluttered it with pieces of frame and covered that with a tarp, we met our Neighbours to the east- up the slight hill, other side of that fence behind me-. The husband up there built that retaining wall with his brother a few decades back, and if it survived the rattling it got this year with heavy tractor trailers shaking the whole neighbourhood each time they hit a good sized pothole- well then dang, that’s a good strong wall. Our neighbour (of the Wellington Ponds) (Middle name Wellington, that’s how the street got its name.) Told me he’d built it the way I was describing what I’d read or seen on a how to television programme- long stones dug into the embankment.

—The people up here are extraordinarily warm and welcoming. It’s not just a rumour. Every once in a while as we’re driving around, Cathi gasps and says, “See- isn’t this beautiful? Don’t you know now why I wanted to come here so badly?” (Yup)




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