It’s been a couple days since our last update.

—Duh, um, Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 — 18°C / 64°F @ 11:55 am.

—Can I breath now? I guess not.

—Looks like Cathi’s going on our house hunting trip without me. We couldn’t get anyone to come stay in this house and take care of the cats on such short notice. Those who were willing were either too busy or had to be somewhere else.

—Funny thing is, after the disappointment had a little time to evaporate, I kind of shrugged and looked at the ceiling and said, “I guess I’ll leave it up to God to make sure she’s all right and we get a house that will make everybody happy-” and I felt a really nice wave (several waves as a matter of fact) of ‘subtle descending thrills’ washing over and through me, coming from above my head and flowing down. My guess? The angelic types that I’ve been calling on and trying to draw as much positive energy as possible from lately are that close and wanted me to know they’re here and listening and appreciate my having faith in Cathi and everything positive in the Universe.

"Celtic C" performing at our friend Scott's Birthday Party.
“Celtic C” performing at our friend Scott’s Birthday Party.

—We did get a break last Saturday. Our friends Scott and Dal had a party that was part Birthday Party for Scott (and another friend) and part just plain have a great time and listen to a Celtic Band they knew.

—Cathi already posted a bunch of photos from their party of the band, their friends and kids enjoying their pool.



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