Thursday, July 25, 2013

—Today was on the cool side (No complaints here)

It began with a dream. I was in bed with my spouse and heard somebody rifle the door and come into the bedroom. I kicked at this unknown, unseen person and woke up. I realized I’d been asleep, and probably close to the hypnogogic state (or whatever the correct term might be for the state you’re in while transiting from sleep to ‘wakefulness’).

I could feel a presence beyond the bed, on our right (my right, I was sleeping on my back), in the southern corner of the room, beyond my spouseling, who was trying to get back to sleep after being disturbed by me kicking into the air above her. I shot a prayer off to my most reliable heavy duty Spiritual protectors.

And heard bells ringing.

“Who are you?” I asked, silently.

I heard the bells again. Very pleasant bells, like a lot of small bells were ringing at once. I had a very strong impression that this presence was positively Angelic.

“Are you an Angel?”

And the bells rang again.

I felt pretty good about this. As if maybe something not so nice might have charged into the room, but as soon as I sent off the prayer a really strong Angel popped in and sent the intruder away, teleported off to someplace where it could do no harm.

When my spouse woke up fully a short time later, I told her about the angelic bells I’d just heard. She thought it was significant.

I’m not as easily deceived as I might have been years ago, but I thought I should write this down and ask some of the people I know who may be able to intuitively know exactly what happened and how positive or not so positive the ‘Angel’ or entity might be.

If this is an honest to goodness Angelic messenger I hope he or she comes again. It would be nice to know how to communicate with this Angel. Or, if the bells were ringing to acknowledge that he or she was there, but could not communicate in words, or should not communicate, I’d like to know that, so I don’t have to feel frustrated about not getting answers to questions and all that.

———And, in a related dream. A couple days ago I went to sleep thinking I wanted to meet any entirely positive space aliens, especially the human ones who look exactly like we do, that I’ve been hearing a lot about lately. I dreamed I met an alien and he let me see what he looked like. He looked quite a bit like Gumby, only grey, and with a head that was much more square, not pointed up on one side. After I woke up I chuckled to myself, thinking that either my subconscious was messing with me in an upbeat, humourous manner, or a playful alien or spirit of some kind was sending me an odd image of himself/itself. I felt it was good natured. I didn’t feel at all threatened.

———Um, So this is my first mostly positive message to the world here. (patting myself on the back….)




Author: Jim

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