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Jim Wellington   * (jrw)    Demo for Voice-Over Class    December 2002

( Some tracks run together here on the real player where they had a couple seconds between them on the CD )

Track . “Name”           / Artist or Notes    / Album or Collection or whatever... (Label?)   :

01. "Pottsylvanian Censorship Bureau/ Station ID" (jrw) (Late Y2K)

02." Koat-houarn ha Fa–chig bihan" / **Barzaz / Kindred Spirit (Green Linnet)

03. "Pottsylvanian Politikally Korrekt" (jrw) (Y2K)

04. "Bound to Fall" / Stephen Stills / Manassas

05. "From a Wandervogel" (jrw) (Y2K)

06. "Winds of Change" / Nona Hendrix/ Female Trouble

07. ***"The Rich Are With Us Always" (jrw) (1987)

08. "Trust Yourself" / John Hall / John Hall

09. "episode 13?" (jrw) (Y2K)

10. "A Child’s Garden (of Madness and Death)" (jrw) (Y2K)

11. "Here’s Where You Belong" / P.F. Sloan / Twelve More Times

12. "Dark Hair" (jrw) (1987)

13. "Another Time" / Pearls Before Swine / One Nation Underground

14. "Minimum Lethal" (jrw) (1987)

15. "Prayers of Action" / Tom Rapp / Sunforest

16. "report on PharmaCo Logic" (jrw) (Y2K)

17. "7538.9" (jrw) (Y2K)

18. "7539" (jrw) (Y2K)

19. "Violets of Dawn" / Eric Andersen / the Best Of

20. Harry Introduces Jim Wellington(Harry Minot) (1987?)

21. Intro to Sarah Rosenzweig’s Poetry (jrw) (Jim reads the next six Poems:)

22." There Are Those Dreams" by Sarah Rosenzweig

23." Explanation" by Sarah Rosenzweig

24. "The Art Of Growing Older" by Sarah Rosenzweig

25. "Remedy For A Broken Heart" by Sarah Rosenzweig

26. "You Can Close Your Eyes And See Him" by Sarah Rosenzweig with Virginia Weil

27. "In Which The Author Gets Sappy" by Sarah Rosenzweig with Virginia Weil

28. Acknowledgement / Thank you, Sarah (jrw) (#’s 22 - 27 Recorded Y2K)

29. WPKN Station ID & Weird Mix/Samples/Edits (various artists’ and “Found”)

30. "Ah Leah" / Donny Iris / Back on the Streets (?)

31." Lunatic Fringe" / {Tom Cochran(e?)} Red Ryder / As Far as Siam

* Every voice but that of Harry Minot (and people giggling/heckling/clapping in an audience) is mine. I did the wacky 'Pottsylvanian' & the 'Synergistic InterGlom' { the stuff with the numbers for names? & the 'PharmaCo Logic' thing }- multi voice / multi character stuff almost off the top of my head, [edited, mostly for timing] & I almost lost track of which character I was supposedly assuming as I recorded this (at the Studios of WPKN FM (89.5 MHz)) In Bridgeport, CT USA (& on the 'veb' at

* & 1/2 Milly, Merrill, and Mary did the Station ID at about sixty minutes into this demo. Mary's mother, Lisa, is laughing with me in the background. I added that after I typed this up (originally).

** Bazaz is a French Celtic Group (Made up of members of similar groups)

*** "The Rich Are With Us Always" was an entry in a Best/Most Memorable Opening Line Contest. Audience liked it, so I read more of that story.