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In Other News...

A Gentle Snow was falling... Read more

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Some stuff about the Game (still under development) :

Playable Races in the Game
Alignment / Background philosophy page
Occupations / Classes (descriptions begin here).

S0- Uh, what have we been up to lately?

Cathi & Jassper

• I know there are several boken links on this page, we will get around to fixing that.

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"All That We Dreamt - On Fire" a complicated novel by Jim Wellington -    Growing by leaps and bounds.
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MoeJimMorphTwo-Cat Man

September, 2008.

The image of the Cat-Man to the left was done with a morphing program called Morpheus.

That's about halfway between Moe and Jim.

May, 2008.

We're investigating Word Press ((Read Aerendel's Word Press Blog --/-- Post at Word Press ))

Ann Albers turned her back on a successful career as an avionics engineer to dedicate herself to talking with Angels. Her site: Visions of Heaven.

Cathi & Jim Simpsonized


April, 2008.

Cathi and Jim have been Simpsonized at {{ www dot SimsonizeMe dot com }} -It wasn't that slow a month, actually, I think, we just got around to it after slogging it through a winter that dumped a whole lot of snow on us.

Two Birds We were leaving Arnprior for a quick trip to Vermont and Connecticut over a weekend. When we were close to Highway 17, I caught a glimpse of what I thought was rusty metal on top of an empty trailer that is used as a billboard for a local business. At second glance I saw two large birds. I thought they might be cormorants and they seemed to be kissing. I said, "That's weird-" and tried to tell Cathi to look at them, but they'd disappeared.

Haunted Arnprior Pages 1 2 3

Nano 2007 (which probably will not fly)

  Click for Ottawa, Ontario Forecast

UFO symbols

Um, I tried to draw a couple things I saw while gazing up toward "UFO"s that a friend said may or may not show up in his back yard.

634-Ute may be an asteroid circling our sun.

Giri is Sanskrit for "Mountains"

We have moved all the birthday announcements to the Birthday Page

Dreams becoming Reality?

Jeep Quebec Property
This is our Jeep on our property in Quebec .
Wood Nymph
Some of our neighbours (yeah, right-)

Jeep Quebec

& This (above) is a panoramic shot .... (Without the 'People of the Glen' represented)

Taughannock Falls?

Taughannock Falls near Ithaca, NY

•   09 February, 2007 (Audrey's and Chiarra's Birthday) • Darrin H told us at the Dragons Gate Forums that he was giving up trying to get the game back up and running... for now- (insert sad face smileys here)- But I've been investigating the Torque Game Engine and I just might be able to get something flying- 'soon' ....(™)

Spiritual Health Frontiers:

Gordon Michael Scallion (web site) was on Coast to Coast A.M. (web site) Last Sunday and spoke about quite a few things, including: 

•One thing to look out for as a precursor to extraordinary violence in schools, is children who become obscessed with 'Enemies'. This could be a sign of very negative spiritual presences in the school system.
•Sleep with your head pointed 15 degrees East of Magnetic North (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) to line yourself up with the Earth's magnetic fields and this will have a therapuetic effect on you.
•Baroque Music, even when played so softly that it's nearly in audible, can have a cleansing effect on your 'aura' and calm even rebellious children (whose first reaction to the music may be visible irritation).
•Sunlight filtered through indigo coloured glass (or similar surface?) can have a therapuetic effect on those who bathe in its light.

bar 007

The Blog (which used to be below this message) May soon be back.

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