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  What the heck is an INFP?

INFP? MBTI? ENFP? ISFP? ESTJ? Gobbledy gook?

"MBTI" stands for "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" (Or "...Temperament Index", Depending on how well misinformed whomever you're talking to about it is.) Many of us have found this system to be "Empowering" in as far as it explains that not everybody can be a football or hockey hero because our personalities and attitudes, to a great extent, are "Hard-Wired" into us by psychological/physiological conditions in our minds, 'souls', brains, and bodies. Not everybody can become a sports star and not everyone can have a built in genius at passing Math tests, fixing broken cars or explaining digital recording to would-be television or radio personalities.

The MBTI is a test which measures your personality traits or preferences according to four polarities: (1) Extrovert vs. Introvert • (2) Sensing vs. iNtuitive • (3) Thinking vs. Feeling • & (4) Judging vs. Perceiving. (They capitalized the 'N' in 'intuitive' because that's the letter they use to indicate intuitive, rather than complicating things and/or confusing psychologist/psychiatrist types (as well as others...) with having the letter 'I' stand for two different traits/preferences.

An "ESTJ" would be a person with an Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging personality. An "INFP" would be an Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiver. There are sixteen possible combinations within these four polarities. And then, if somebody scores right in the middle of a category/polarity, they would get an "x" for their indicator. (An "INFx" would be somebody who is definitely (or quite probably) an Introverted iNtuitive Feeler who is so close to 50/50 in their Perceiving vs Judging preference that they're on the line.

In oversimplified terms:

Extrovert vs Introvert measures the way a person recharges (when low on energy) or recovers from any kind of Trauma. Extroverts are recharged by mingling with other people. Introverts like calm, quiet surroundings to help them recover or recharge.

Sensing vs iNtuiting measures the difference between someone who needs concrete facts and someone who can function in the realm of imagination. (Concrete Vs imaginary / Preferring something you can touch and hold Vs being comfortable with abstract concepts).

Thinking Vs Feeling measures the differences between people who would rather make decisions by weighing all the facts they can gather (In whatever subject area they need to make their decision in) versus someone who bases their decisions on how they feel about something. (A thinker might want to buy a house in a 'good neighbourhood' close to highway on / off ramps with good schools and decent shopping/entertainment . A 'feeler' spouse would probably drive the thinker to distraction by arguing that he or she couldn't live with the view or can't stand the architectural style because construction that uses a lot of small bricks gives him or her a headache or too many white houses give him or her the creeps.)

Judging Vs Perceiving: Judging types need to plan ahead to feel comfortable. Perceiving types like to be more in the moment. Judging types would schedule sensible amounts of time to keep their home clean and neat (especially if they were Sensing types as well) while Perceivers do not suffer a mental meltdown if some last minute mini-catastrophe causes them to change their plans.

I plan to have scads of good links below, but you can also find out a lot by typing "MBTI" in a google search engine box (or you can use any other web searching tool you might prefer:)

If you're interested you can take a free MBTI type test by clicking on the following link: Free Type Test .

- written up for us by dj otterson (INxx) - 05 decembre, 2002


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  Aerendel INFP Notes, December, 2002

This is our new INFP / MBTI Links & Information Page

What's new? Magazine Issue 9 is forming itself as you read this.

We have begun a special edition of the Magazine, dedicated to Environmental Cancer Prevention Click Here.

Our Messageboard vanished. We've got a new one. When it goes up we'll tell you about it. 

We now have a link to a free MBTI Personality and Temperament Type Test: Free Type Test [ This should be fun... [jrw] ] 

The special "jernil" issue of the magazine west south. Nobody updated or changed anything in quite a while. One of our friends took up blogging and thought he could find little bits of inspiration, bullsh[stuff] and editorial comments and who knows what else? At: Latest Insights Page.  

"An UnRemarkable Girl" by dj otterson has been finished. Five parts/chapters of this novel on line here now. He has posted it at You may be able to browse stuff there and find it. He wants to edit it and might even find a way to sell it through an honest ebook publisher if he ever finds one, but 'There is way too much in the 'In' box and work'. And his daughter is getting married this year. Has Supernatural and Psychological themes, so consider yourself warned!

Anybody who got this far here is invited to go to Aerendel's Forum (Word Press) and sign up and write your heart(s) out. : )

We had samples of several web pages designed by affordable designers. But nobody wanted to pay for what they could copy and paste for free, so our friendly neighborhood designers gave up.

  Interesting Sites 
z0garthia New Zealander's site.
Katharina Woodward (Visionary Artist ~INFP~)

Cathi Harris (~Canadian~INFP~)
John Larocque(~Canadian~INFP~)
Diane L. Schirf (~INFP~)

Other Creative People/Groups:
These sites have vanished over the years.

Angelic Healing Touch (Reiki) is still there.

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Mythica Art And Vision  (Photos, Art & Good stuff in/from Northern California. -- The Photos are still there.)

Fun Stuff :
 Tom The Dancing Bug wasa a fun cartoon - But he's gone. 

News (This world and that?)

BBC News Online (News that many world residents trust more than anything their governments allow their countrymen to know about.)
Matrix Institute (Futurist / Seer Gordon Michael Scallion's Site)

  Health & Well Being   
Heart, Soul, Body & Mind:
Self Realization Fellowship Yoga (Read 'Autobiography of a Yogi'?)

Religion Selector: Which Religion is most compatible with your ideals and values?
Physicians for a National Health Plan Fed up with HMO's? 

Empower yourself through self-knowledge:
Take a Temperament/Character Test!
***We now have a link to a FREE MBTI type Personality and Temperament Type Test: Free Type Test *** 
A different personality test: = no longer available.
Religion Selector: Which Religion is most compatible with your ideals and values?

The Celtic Learning Project
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 & More Interesting Sites   

Pat Marr's Cartoon Sketch Book (slightly esoteric) [[ Pat's site is currently not on line ]] 



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