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DreamcatAnd now a little bit about me:

My name is Cathi, and I do a bunch of things. First and foremost, I love to write. My website, Cathi's Place, was started in 1999 as a place to publish my writing. I am a published author, but sadly, that doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination that I am making money at it. I have earned a grand total of $50 and a couple of copies of magazines in my entire writing career. I do however, write a lot, and for various reasons. I am an editor of a newsletter at work, I also have written a couple of training courses on Procurement, Contracting, and Assets that I also deliver when the need arises.

I have won numerous awards for writing - one of the earliest was an award for poetry from the National Library at the tender age of 11 or 12. I have also won in the Toronto Star Short Story Contest, the Mississauga Library Short Story Contest, been published in Storyteller Magazine, and was a regular contributor for a tiny little Ottawa paper called Talk Of Town. Nowadays I am of course the owner of Cathi's Place, and I have a Yahoo! group called Imaginationonline for people who like to write, and I am also an editor on Buzzle. Visit my website to read my short stories, poems and essays, see Good Works by Others, my Comments on life going back to 1999, and a bunch of other stuff like some of my music!

TalerockerWho is this fine fellow, you ask?:

Well, his name is Jim, who is also known as Talerocker. Jim is a very good writer, as well as a fine radio engineer who has (and still does some things for them) worked at WPKN in Connecticut. Since this is the Dreamcat page, he'll just have to tell you about himself and show you his work by himself! I am a nice person though, so I'll give you his website and tell you that he and I have known each other for two years, and have collaborated on web stuff, writing, and are currently collaborating on life as well.


So what is the meaning of this page?:
This is just to show you a few of the things I can do with web page design. Jim and I both enjoy web site programming, and we do a number of sites both on our own and lately, together as Talerocker~Dreamcat Design.
Personally I like a much cleaner page, without the background graphics - however, images, links, counters, javascript, tables, image links, mouseovers, Flash text, are among the many elements I use in building a page. This one is meant to show off these elements. To each their own, and because Jim and I are also branching out into the commercial realm of web site creation, here we have it!
This page was made using Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Fireworks, and the images are compliments of myself, Jim, and Flatland.com (the background gif). The javascript for "Cathi's Place" title and the two buttons to separate pages are compliments of Dreamweaver and Macromedia, the date and time javascript is from Earthweb, an excellent source of information and code for web developers.
Jim's Aerendel gif was done in Adobe Photoshop by Jim, my Cathi's Place gif was hand drawn pixel-by-pixel in Paint by me! Oh, and the photos are ones that were taken when we were both in our twenties, back when I was busy looking like Joan Baez, and he was a good double for Johnie Depp, lol.
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