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A World Apart
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He whispers in her ear,


He holds her hand,

Soft and warm

Just like her

Being near her

Fills him

With a sweet charm so that

He wishes he could just

Close his eyes and bury

His face in that


Of her neck where it

Meets her shoulder

And just breathe...

He's sure she smells like honey

And maybe just a touch of lilac too

Lord, how he'd like

To get lost in her arms

Just for a little while.

She forgot what she was trying to say

His whisper flowed through her,

Electric energy

His hand,

Both strong and tender

As only a man's can be

She looks into his eyes

Then glances away.

There is an affection,

And a longing there -

Yin and yang,

Such contradictory beings

Tough and subtle

Strong and sweet

The black and the white


For her endless

Shades of grey.

Should he tell her he

Watches her when he knows

She's not looking

That he keeps her photo

In his dresser drawer?

No, don't spoil the moment,

Tell her she looks beautiful tonight

(but not always, though she couldn't be anything else but...)

Should she tell him sometimes she can sense him

When he's just around the


That there's just a ... what?


No, spectral dreams,

Perhaps that she's just glad she

Met him in this great big world,

That's all.

Who can say what brings two souls together

And when does that fascination

Become more than just a smile

What special combination of intellect,

Of friendship, of energy

Become a force to unite and irresistible,

Breathe life

Into two unique individuals,

So much so that life

Just doesn't seem right

Without the other

There beside you?


Don't ask the questions.

Let the silence answer everything.

For every one, there is another

And always, a first time.

For every broken heart,

Another chance

If you believe,

If you believe.

Now listen.

2001 C.M. Harris Davies