http://www.cafepress.com/cp/tf.aspx?tf=282846 I am extremely pleased to announce my poetry book! Some of these poems you see here on this page, and some new ones as well as original artwork and photographs. I am really proud of this book, and if you like my work please check it out, I am selling these on Cafe Press.

The Last Halloween - NEW! - 30/10/2004

To A Little Girl - NEW HERE! - at long last, the poem for E's first day of school

Gentle Man - lyrics from 1987

Ship of Darkness - lyrics from 1987

M.I.A. - new

I Just Spent The Night


My Boy

Bon Ami - a poem in French, and English

Thoughts Of You

Life and All That

Time Was

Just Me On Sunday - from 1985

Walter's Song

My Little One - lyrics from 1990

This Was Sunday - a poem from 1994

This Room

Tuesday Night In The Restaurant (song lyrics from 1988)

Shhh! - a poem about falling in love


Farewell - a poem for my Aunt

To The Lucky Ones

Pepperoni and Pickles - an unlightened song from 1988

There Were Shadows Playing Hide and Seek

God, and The 401

Don't Tell Me

Stolen Jewels

Little Ones - A Poem To My Children

RUSSELL'S SONG - my tribute to a friend

I Don't Know - 28/9/99

Polaroids Get Yellow

Twas is now here! For silliness from 1997 click here

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