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Here's To The Lucky Ones

Here's to the lucky ones
The ones whose walls
Don't ever fall down
Who met their true love early
And knew right then
No one else
Could possibly compare...

Here's to the lucky ones
Who still have both their parents
At forty, and still feel like children
When they're around them
'Cause, well, they still are
And they've got many more years to go...

Here's to the lucky ones
Whose hardest times are lack of money
Who've never seen the hard end of a fist
Who've never heard a cruel word
From someone who truly meant it
Who never saw the back
Of a person who meant more
Than they would ever know...

Here's to the lucky ones
Whose dreams are never big enough
To bring them disappointment
Who live life simply enough
There's never a question
Of who does what when or how
Who have just enough to pay the bills
And that's all they really want...

Had enough? 

Here's to the rest of us
Who cling to impossible dreams
And make promises to people who don't really care
Who have children who don't sleep at night
Then talk back to their parents, and teachers by day
Who have bosses who demand ridiculous things
Then forget they ever asked;

Here's to the rest of us
Who think that a kiss can herald tomorrow
Or maybe, it's simply a kiss
Who may hold the hand of someone who's broken
But couldn't care less 'cause they are too,
It's simply a matter of who has done worse
In this gamble that we all call life.

Here's to the rest of us
Who go to bed lonely
Then dream dreams of wonderful things
Who appreciate silence and laughter and tears
And know that these things are
What it means to be living
What being alive's all about.

Here's to the whole sorry lot of us
Makers of mistakes and sayers
Of words best unspoken
Speakers of prayers to Gods they're not sure of
People who could stand to lose a little weight
Those for whom makeup will never correct
The faults that genetics have handed down;

Here's to you and to me
Friends, here's to reality
And all it contains
It may not be pretty
It may not be pleasant;
I don't know about you,
I speak only for myself,
But I'd much rather travel
The high roads if I find them
Wherever they may be,
And I'll stumble the low ones
I know they lead somewhere else...

We the unlucky the usual the tame
Those whom fortune has chosen
Not to smile upon
That's okay, don't you know
'Cause things that come easy
Are never as special
As those you have fought for,
And to feel the joy of attainment
Means sometime you must have
Lost something or someone
Else how would you every feel joy?

Take heart, and be thankful
You are special, you know
You're you, and what's better?
Keep on dreaming and yearning
Keep on hoping and wishing
Keep on losing your ground
I'll tell you a secret, my friend
There are no lucky ones
Just you, and me, and 4 billion others
Grasping at straws and dropping the good ones
'Cause that's what life's all about.

Wouldn't have it any other way....
Lucky, aren't we?

C.M. Harris Davies 6-Nov-2000