My Tripod One-Minute Page Life and All That, by Catherine M. Harris Life and All That, a poem by Catherine M. Harris

Life and All That

She smiles her Madonna smile
As she looks away
Far into the great beyond
Where she spends her time,
Her nights, her yesterdays,
Tomorrows, lost
Dancing on clouds
Of daydreams
In the rhythm of a heartbeat
And you know she knows
She knows.

Hasn't he wondered
What mystery lives there
Which riddle could he solve
And what is the key that unlocks
The gate to her soul
He can't begin to fathom
All women are an enigma
Beguiling, good lord yes
He'd like to say the heck with it
But he can't
Not yet
Not while he still believes
In moonbeams and sunrises
And happily ever afters.

Nights he sees her as he slips
Into his unconsciousness
She grips a dream or two
Off in the ephemera
Yah, that's true.

Her smile hides something
Signifies nothing and everything
Still waters,
Look out for the undertow
Eyes that watch and mirror
And hold the key
But silly girl, sometimes
She just doesn't see
It would be hard to believe
So she doesn't

Mirror mirror on the wall
She doesn't ask the question
She knows the answer
Sleeping beauty she isn't
Not this time around
Maybe not the next time either
And she's too busy being busy
To care
Knights live in fairy tales
She lives in the milky way
Star shine, shimmer on.

Isn't there a star somewhere
That needs its sparkle tuned
Or a phrase crying for an author
He turns in his bed
He wonders
Who is she
Then again,
She hasn't met him yet
Down here in the moil
He's just a dream
She's a phantom
And neither knows the plan

Heaven help them
They're only human
Laugh the spirits wise
As they plot their grand design
They love a good joke
And it's the special ones
That need to have their noses tweaked
Every once in a while
Nothing comes easy if it's worth it
Or so they say

Throw a few forks in the road
Maybe they'll meet on a tyne
Maybe he'll see a special smile
Maybe she'll catch a twinkle in his eye
Maybe so
Or perhaps not
Caught as they are
In life and all that

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Should I die before I wake
I pray the Lord

I have the wish I wish tonight

In my lover's arms.

C.M. Harris 2001