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Really Good Work By Others
Magnetically Moved - by Pamela R. Heekes
Magician - a poem by Jim Wellington
How Are You? - a poem by Laura Blankenship
From a Vandervogel - another poem by Jim Wellington
Little Dove's River Trees
Little Dove's The Journey
Jim Wellington reading "Vanderfogel" - worth a listen - really nice

Want to see more of their work? Go to their websites!

5 Minute Voyager - a really good website by, ahem, my nephew "Zeke"
Diane L. Schirf's site - the infamous Slywy
Jim Wellington's Site
Whisperycat's Site - it was offline for a while, I am very happy his amazing cats are back
Scott Rollin's site - he writes beautiful piano hymns, really worth listening to
Broken Palette - Andy's Site. A fine nephew writing site.

And it goes on like this forever, so don't ever feel alone, the same old road that brought you here, crosses 7 bridges home...(lowen & navarro)
Page updated on: November 9, 2008

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