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A beautiful tribute to 9/11, this time from an American to the international community
Su's journal - I don't know her, but if you want what it was like in New York by a very talented young writer, read this
My award for the funniest java program is this one!
And now, my silliest use of webspace award goes to........this place!
Jim Wellington has been busy on his site. DJ Otterson too. He has an Aerendel comment page that is neat. If you like my comments, you'll like this page.
A Different Reality - an excellent website on children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders - informative and personal
Ashley' page for Siblings of Children with Autism and Related Disorders - an excellent site
Live Journal - a fun site with online journals from silly people like Cathi_Eirye Intelligent Life on the Web
The RCMP site on Web Safety for Parents and Children
Intel's philanthropic peer-to-peer project - help cure cancer with your computer's extra resources
Writer's Digest Contests - several throughout the year
A friggin' good dictionary of Carleton County Colloquialisms
Be your own radio station - upload your own music for the world to hear
Cool, eh? - A Canadian Shopping Portal
An interesting page about Soul Mates
The Winner's List
Mix 99.9 Radio
Online Purchasing Searcher
Canadian Government Information
Yahoo! Canada
Canada Retail Mall
Zellers - good but you need a Club Z card to use it
MOT'S 401 WEBCAM - All traffic, all the time! Come see Toronto's highway 401 in realtime, glorious colour.
ZDnet - PC Magazine's articles, great downloads - an excellent source of info.
IDirect's Canadian Shopping Page - Pretty good
The Reverse Look Up (have an address, need a name?) - good, but I'm not sure how often they update
Toronto Ghosts - Cool, Boo!
Ask Me Help Desk is a site where you can ask specialists questions for free.
Toronto Reference Library - this includes genealogical info too
Canadian Bound - good Canadian Writer's Resource, has links
Canadian Magazine and Journals Links for Writers
Digital Think - Beta Testers - Take courses for free as a beta tester - really good
Harvard Business Review online
Canada Post's Electronic Post Office
Net Library - Read Edgar Allan Poe online!
Go - more good astrology - accurate for just basic sign info
Women.Com - A bunch of good stuff, and yes, astrology too
Annanova - news with a twist
Astroadvice - good astrology place
Great Links to interesting stuff like numerology, astrology, you name it
Blosm - a site for writers to upload works, get rated, have publishers read it
Buzzle - a site with interesting articles. I can say so 'cause I'm an editor there!
Astrodienst - Really good astrology charts
Animation Express Writers Online
Systran Box

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