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Games, Contests and Other Silly Business

Second Life - this is a lot like the Sims Online except that it is free to play, unless you want to be a mogul, and if you pay money you can create things that actually earn you money. Interesting concept.
Pogo - fun games, chat, join friends, and free
Shockwave - fun games like puzzles - download the Shockplayer and save stuff to play offline
Adobe Design Center - cool flash sites and animations
Gamesville - Bingo, Poker, lots of fun & you can win $$$
Treeloot - can you find the hidden money? I can't, but it's free to try
The Nestcape Game Centre - Play games and win money - it's fun
Sony - the official website - play jeopardy, wheel of fortune, it's fun
Astrodienst - really good astrology charts
Women.Com has a lot of interesting sections, astrology too

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