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ESSAYS- This is it, where truth is stranger than fiction. The pieces here aren't short stories but essays, some funny, some sad but all about real life. Or at least my version of it. So the rule here is: nothing on the Short Stories page is true, it's fiction. Everything on this page is true, whether you want to believe it or not; that's okay. I find it hard to believe sometimes too. Welcome to my parlour, said the spider to the fly.....


Elegy   I was feeling a bit contemplative about Russell that day.
George Did you have an imaginary friend?  I did.

The long wait is over! Here it is, the famous wedding - a real life story. Good for a laugh.

The Night The Lights Went Out in Montreal...
Or, the Honeymooner's Guide to Pharmacopea in Quebec. Yup, here it is, part 2 of Our Wedding; The Beaver Club will never be the same again. Or some American businessmen either. We aren't, that's for sure.

Jan.  7, 2000 - Goodbye Gandalf. You were the best of friends.gandalf.gif

Magical Cat -a little bit special

Asunder - this was a sad one, written after I had split up with my husband. There are a million reasons why people get married, and a million reasons why they split up. This was my one and final explanation, 'cause sometimes the heart needs to be heard. Time has passed, things are good now, he's happy, I'm happy, various persons in the US aren't, and ah, maybe that's another essay in itself. 26/5/2003

The Story Of us - Can you fall in love with a voice? Hmm. Maybe. But then, there were 2-headed dragons on the computer monitor, and magically appearing wizards on the microwave, and a very interesting fellow named Talerocker. This is the story of how Jim and I met. Nope, we're not married, but at long last the answer to the question: how the heck did I get involved with an American anyway? And what do I see in him? Lots :D 12/3/2004



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