Little Ones

God danced with angels

On the day that you were born

The sun shone brightly

To confirm that miraculous

Instant of time.

Okay, well, no they didn't

And perhaps the rain spelt otherwise

But that's okay with me.

I looked at you and saw

Everything there is

Everything there is to come

In those eyes shut tight from medication

In a journey perhaps harder

Than it had to be

But that's alright

You were the alpha and the omega

To me.

Once you were an almost lost

An almost operation

And you, you were late but simple

'Cause they understood what happened

The first long time around

They knew what they were doing then

So did I, I'm proud to say

A mother learns from learning

No book will ever take the place

Of that one small life inside beside outside

And beyond

Behold the future

Whatever else

We've done alright

It can't help but be bright

And you two are everything

To me.

Love, Mommy.

ęC.M. Harris Davies 30/12/1999 all rights reserved.