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Some role playing games are set in a universe where a kind of "Good / Bad / Indifferent" alignment is a major part of the role playing.

Others have a kind of "Order / Entropy / Chaos" system in place.

Still others enforce a system that is sort of both: Where "Good / Neutral / Evil" all have to be further refined into the categories of: "Orderly / Neutral / Chaotic"

-For instance, a Palladin Must be "Orderly-Good". (Some universes then allow Evil Palladins if these characters' world view is "Orderly-Evil".)

We're not going to force anybody into such molds if we can help it. This is a universe in which characters that might not fit in somewhere have a niche.


While alignment is not enforced on characters, we do feel it adds depth and enriches everyone's experience if players understand their characters as thoroghly as possible.

Light / Unaligned / Dark

In this world, Characters who believe they are working for everything good and positive in the universe (whether they actually are or not) would be aligned with "The Light".

Characters who believe they are aligned against those who who believe they have everybody's ultimate good at heart might believe themselves to be aligned with Darkness.

Those who believe that both sides are nuts or who just don't care about artificial categorization might call themselves 'Unaligned' or 'Neutral'.

(Sufis believe that quite a few people in our world see the world through "White Veils" or "Dark Veils". Those who believe themselves to be good or holy see the world through a white veil, and therefore do not see the world as it really is. Those who believe themselves to be sinners, or the pawns of dark powers would similarly be seen as looking at creation through a Dark Veil. Neither group has a clear understanding of themselves or the universe. It could be stated that people who believe themselves to be good and holy and /or 'always right' might cause an awful lot of suffering, 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions' would apply. Those who believe themselves to be evil or helpless against evil might similarly do more good than evil. )

But one idea or belief that Sufis have is that the universe is not merely a battle ground between Good and Evil. If this was the case it would certainly be easier to understand things in terms of black or white. "Either you're with me or you're against me," would be painfully obvious to everyone. No progress would ever be made, because both sides would spend lots of time and energy destroying everything than any one from the other side tried to build or establish.

No- there is a third force in the universe, a third group of individuals which much ally itself with one of the other groups if anything either good or not so good is going to happen. You will notice that there are "Yin And Yang" symbols where black and white speres seem to be orbitting some central point and then there are similar symbols where three spheres with tails are orbitting that centre, each taking up the same amount of space.


Ethics Chart
Rigid Righteous Liberal Conscience Corporate Chaotic
Character Believes that Rules are more important than any one's objections to them. Character believes in helping others -- within the framework of accepted rules and morality. Character believes that individual people are more important than abstract rules. Character believes that living up to the expectations of his/her inner conscience is more important than external rules. Character believes that others should be vigilantly held to the rules so he or she has an unfair advantage. Character believes that rules and regulations are for weaklings.

More Notes on Alignment:


"Light"/Altruistic:   Grey/Independent:   "Dark"/Ego-Centric: 
Character Believes self to be on the side Of Love, Understanding,Tolerance, and Truth. Sharing & Caring. Usually Dedicated to Truth. Char Believes Self to be uncommitted to either 'Good' or 'Evil'. May be trying to Observe. or Understand it all. May be Honest/Dishonest Char Believes self to be motivated by Power, Greed, Lust and/or Boredom...Often Withholds Truth for personal gain.

Complicating this black and white and in-between view of things are divisions that cross lines of strict interpretation:
((Any of these 'mini' alignment definitions can describe those committed to any of the above three 'overall' classifications:))

Authoritarian Free Spirit Rebel
Benevolent Indifferent
Virtuous Loving Power Hungry

(These Adjectives are not allied or lined up according to any overall system or grouping) { This list could be endless : }

Preserving Creative Destructive
Structured Unstructured Against Structure
Stable Balanced Unstable
Worships Past Worships 'Here and Now' Worships Future
Fears Criticism Ignores Criticism Hates Criticism
Likes Present Status Quo Ignores Status Quo Hates Status Quo
Privileged Bohemian Underprivileged
Exploiters Free Spirits Exploited
Craves Status Craves Peace of Mind Craves Freedom
Desires Sex Appreciates Beauty Craves Power
Intellectual Spiritual Physical
Shallow Deep Surface Only
Materialist Intellectual Emotional
Authoritarian Individual Conscience Anarchist
Nationalist World Community Self Only
Conservative Apolitical Radical
Honor Love Comfort
'Brain Dead' Imaginative Literal Minded


Personality Theory:

The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (or Meyers-Briggs Temperament Index?) has been described as the most accurate and useful tool to explain differences in personality and aid people in finding occupations for which they are suited.

This system divides personalities into 4 polarities which can combine in different combinations to comprise 16 seperate groups.

People who have taken the MBTI tests have often called the results and the description of their results enlightening, empowering, and/or comforting. The explanations can assure creative types that they were 'hard wired' into their personal choices so they never could have fit into positions like 'sales person' or 'corporate company man'.

Here are the Polarities:

Extravert-Introvert Sensing-iNtuitive Thinking-Feeling Judging-Perceiving

Combinations look like:
ESTJ (Extraverted-Sensing-Thinking-Judging),
ISFJ (Introverted-Sensing-Feeling-Judging)
INTP (Introverted-iNtuitive-Thinking-Perceiving)
ENFP (Extraverted-iNtuitive-Feeling-Perceiving)
(et cetera...)

Insight: (These are generalities and no generalites are true in all cases:)

Introverts need a nice, quiet, secluded place to recover from traumatic events.
Extraverts like noisy, crowded, exciting places when recovering from trauma.

Sensing types like dealing with things they can touch-hold or otherwise sense.
iNtuitive people are much more comfortable than sensing types when dealing with abstract ideas or imagination in general.

Thinking types would rather approach life through their brain than their emotions.
Feeling people more likely to trust their emotional reactions than step back and think things through.

Judging types become royally upset when they have to change their plans at the last minute (but they're also much better at organizing their schedules and keeping a tidy house than Perceiving types).
Perceiving types are much better at adapting to changing conditions than Judging types, but they're not as good at keeping themselves on schedule.


Aware - Dense
Perceptive - Deluded
Honest - Dishonest
Selfish - Selfless
Greedy - Generous
Giving - Taking
Nurturing - Exploiting
Murderous - Suicidal
Dull - Entertaining
Idiotic - Brilliant


Motivation Key:

H = Heart A = Aspiration I = Inner Direction

G = Greed S = Selfishness P = Power Lust V = PerVerse Gratification

F = Fate N = Necessity IN = INertia (Directionless Drifting)

L = Luck D = Desperation ? = Everybody's gotta be somewhere-

Could be any of the above :
M = CoMpulsion C = Curiosity

more snarr goes here.

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