Game Development Screen Shot of the Day – A Young Faer Elf –

A friendly looking 'Faer Elf'

This would be a young, fully grown Faer Elf. Faer Elves are natives of the Faer Kingdoms. Their average life span would be about 5,000 ‘earth-human’ years. When they’re older they generally appear more ‘spindly’, less ‘healthy’, and not very friendly. They have been described as being extremely peevish, cranky, able to change their looks to appear creepy, unfriendly, dangerous, and just plain weird. No one knows why, but as they get older, they often turn to exploring the world beyond the Faer Kingdoms – possibly out of boredom – and find students they feel an afinity for. They will teach their students spells and practices from the school of ‘Faeromancy’ – a generally non-lethal form of ‘Nuisance Magick’ like the spell that will leave everyone within fifty meters stuck about three feet deep in a rancid, sticky pool of something that smells so bad many victims throw up and cannot fight, can barely breathe. The sticky liquid looks like ‘chicken soup’ but the noodles act more like electric eels that shock and bite. Most Faer Elves can also ‘morph’ into cats. Not big cats, ‘domestic’ sized cats. These cats can look like they died several years ago and nobody told them about that yet. But most of them look very ‘average’ and not at all remarkable. I would suggest you never kick or throw anything at any cats anywhere in this game. You never know what kind of spell it might hurl at you.  ~~~~~ TaleRocker

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