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 Fredericton, New Brunswick Weather
from the
Weather Underground?
I don't believe they're the same
group of Hippy Revolutionaries
who used that name in the 1960's.

Coast To Coast AMWPKN

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Jim Wellington in 2005 -
The ScreenShots at the top are Jim's
& Cathi's In-Game Avatars -

    The "Annals of Aerendel" might be a good place for me to leave notes to you - )

It's the night shift at the local dream factory

The Night Shift

Or maybe it's a gang of truth-seekers fed up with being lied to. Or maybe we're just a bunch of bleeding escapists.
(Where's Muhdugus when we really need him? Or for that matter, Rhuagh, will you please send down a couple really
juicy lightning bolts and straighten this place out?)

.....TaleRocker. (Deliberately oblique in New Brunswick, Canada)

UFO-s E.T.s and some interesting prophecies.

* They Fly dot com. The Billy Meier UFO Contacts. Billy Meier, a 'Swiss farmer', had his first
contact with "Pleiadians" at the age of 5 in 1942. He described the moon Io as 'the most volcanically active planet in
the solar system' before NASA discovered that, and he predicted the riots in France, and damage from hurricanes
and floods, and the disasterous outcome of U.S. involvement in Iraq. "If the U.S. Doesn't stop trying to be the
world's policeman."

We don't need no stinkin dinosaurs / Is Oil Produced A-Biotically?

** "Oil is a renewable resource- it is not all organic, like we've been told. And it renews itself, bubbling up from the
planet's core to refill used up fields." Says: Conspiracy Theories? You want
Conspiracy Theories? This is the place. This site says it has the documentation to prove that Elitists are trying to kill
off 80-95% of the world's population by poisoning vaccines. That's just the beginning. "The 'Avian Flu Epidemic' is
a smoke screen for the military take-over of the United States." "& "Bush signed a bill that will further enhance the
powers of those who want to 'Quarantine' anybody who refuses to be vaccinated."

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