Pepperoni and pickles
Washed down with warm milk
And eaten by candlelight
It's a regular Tuesday night
Here in the city
Oh Lord don't I want to go home
Lord don't I want to go home.

We came to Toronto 'cause
That's where everyone knows
The streets are paved with gold
Hoping to find us some fame
And some fortune,
We now know what everyone knows:
That the streets of Toronto,
Oh yes, they are paved
And the gold that you get
Is loonies for bus fare
Oh Lord, don't I wanna go home!

We live in the suburbs where everyone goes
In Toronto there's no homes to be had
Mississauga is where we lay our heads
Surrounded by buildings like ours
Our view from the window is nothing but highrises
A street, and some grass
Oh Lord, don't I wanna go home!

The great God of Hydro
Has deemed it a necessity
To pull out the plug
Once a week
So here we are, us and the others
Hunkered by candles and
Turning the air blue
Dreaming of roast chicken and wine.

Instead we are hovering
Down by our candles
We stare at theirs and
They stare at ours
And I'm sure if there's
Anywhere else that we all
Could be
We'd all be going there now.

But life in the city is
Where we're all at
And besides, it's kinda alright
To be with your loved ones
Camped out by candles
We'd love to complain
But we can't see the phone
So for now we just sit here
Cursing and swearing
Singing a scurrilous song...

And we can't go home
'Cause that's where we are now
Eating pepperoni
And pickles
Washed down with warm milk
Oh Lord ain't it fun
Being home?!

©Catherine M. Harris Davies 1988