Don't Tell Me

Oh don't come to me

In my moment of darkness

With words that cut like a knife

Sometimes the truth

Need not always be spoken

It may be that I already know.


If there's one thing about me

I never give up

I'm a dreamer

I'll always have hope.


In this tired world

There will always be heartache

Troubles, more than our share.


There's a truth down inside me

That must be spoken

Something that I've always known.

God gave us dreamers

And poets, and singers

To remind us

There'll always be joy.


So maybe you think

I'm fooling myself

That I need

To be brought down to Earth.

But I'll tell you now

For whatever it's worth

That the Earth is just where I am.


I find joy in a smile

And laughter, and song

I find love in words spoken and heard

I'd much rather be soothed

By the giggling of children

Than by your angry message.

There now.

I've said it.

So leave me alone.


20/7/94 C. M. Harris Davies (I really hate it when people tell me how to feel!)