My friend, it's been a long hard day

The rain is falling down

My windowpane

And once again your memory

Lingers on my mind

How I wish that I could talk with you

Just one more time...

On June 29th

You left us to dance in the sky

And the sun shone so bright

I thought this cannot be right.

But now you are sleeping

In Northern Ontario

Beside the lake

Where you fished as a boy

All those many

Years ago

And Russell

This rain just keeps


On nights just like this

How I'd love to hear you sing again

All those silly songs

You knew so well

The Bastard King of England

In booming baritone

And old Joe Hill

They'd suit me fine

But now you are singing

To the men on the moon

And I'm sure they're all laughing

Right there with you

You said you loved my songs

Well pal

This one's for you

'Cause Russell

I'm so very glad

I had the chance

To know



1986 © Catherine M. Harris (Davies)