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This page is mostly me telling myself what I've done lately.

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• 23 March, 2008... Finally worked on and activated the music files that can be 'accessed' or activated from the Music Splash page.

• 6 Decemberber, 2007... -Today I was sworn in as a Canadian Citizen (I am now a dual citizen of the US and Canada) And- We received a call while we were waiting to be sworn in that our 5 month old Labrador Retriever 'puppy' (he's bigger than the boy) is ready to come home with us. Big day, huh? Then we met Valerie McLaren in person. So I guess today was a hat trick? and then some. We visited the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. The boy got a bunch of stuff and I got a double pointed (& six sided) amethyst crystal.

• 28 October, 2007... -Just before 2 pm, eastern time. I've 'created' a Birthday Page and made a few updates to my own start page. This should be all for today, ya think?

• 28 October, 2007... -Just after Noon, eastern time. This page, the "About Us" page, and the "Site Map" are now in place. This is one of the few pages that I'm pretty sure has no broken links... (surf at your own peril???)

• 28 October, 2007... -We have moved out web sites to a Canadian web host and gone with the name "". I've been checking links and moving pages there onne at a time, there are several that probably don't have to move. Right now I'm wondering if there's a photo I can load in here to characterizethe last year or something like that.

• 13 October, 2007... We moved our web sites again, this time to space we got from a Canadian provider, and now the site is named (or found at) ""

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• 07 Avril, 2006... -Opened a Virtual Store ("Aerendel Cafe") at Cafe Press dot com. put some INFP stuff and a few quirky things of my own. Cathi already has a store open there at "cathisplace". (as usual, she's way ahead of me in the inelligence department.... sigh (silly grin).

• 22 Decembre, 2005... -Began putting the Role Playing Game stuff into Cascading Style Sheets, with a chocolate brown background. Looks pretty good...

• 12 Decembre, 2005... -Created a "Jernilling Extras" page, with the temperature applets and stuff like (resources to follow) links to other blogs... I like it.

• 09 Decembre, 2005... -Found out that one of the blogs I was using, mainly because it had a nice photo section and it was free... isn't going to be around much longer, and that they were graciously turning all their 'customers' over to another blog service that would graciously allow all its new users to hang around free for 30 days, after which it would graciously start charging them $8.95 (U$) a month. Snarrr. So I activated another on site blog and started importing snarr from the soon to be dead blog. snarrrrr.

• 06 Decembre, 2005... put together a collage of this year's photos so we have a Christmas Collage and put that on a 'spa' template page so we now have a Happy Holidays 2005 page here, which would fall very nicely into being a Christmas Card.

• 05 Decembre, 2005... Working on a new Aerendel Magazine Home page, have a 'Community Services' page and here I am working on a 'Latest Features Page'.

• Finished a Winner in this year's NaNoWriMo on about November 28th, 2005.

• We got DreamWeaver 8 in November.

• Got the Mac Mini this year for my birthday, this year... 2005.

• We coined the word "Snarrr" some time in 2004 or early 2005. It's like a universal euphemism and it sounds funny.

• Got the Web Site a couple years ago... I think in October of 2003?

• (( Look for earlier Snarr below.... (wink) ))

Our House in the Snow

((((( Latest First )))))

I became a permanent resident of Canada as of (duh...) 11 January, 2005?

Since I was not allowed to work, I did volunteer work at the Arnprior and District Museum, helped get a virtual exhibit up at the Virtual Museum of Canada.

We Moved to Arnprior in August of 2003.

I came to Canada as a visitor on June 24, 2002. (driving an old black hatchback Chevrolet Corsica(?) loaded to the rafters with snarr. (I had a tunnel between me and the right side rear view mirror. Cathi wondered how they let me through customs like that.)

Mom sold her house. I was physically and mentally and probably even spiritually exhausted by the time we emptied the house of 43 years worth of accumulated memories, 'treasures', and nightmares.

Cathi and I met in person on the 22nd day of March, 2002. (my cousin Debi's birthday). She completely walked off with my heart. A little voice in her heart told her, "This man is your husband." I owe that little voice at least a nice long hugggggg.

After joking a couple times that I would drive five hundred miles to give her a hug if she wanted one, she said on the phone one night, "Ya know, if somebody told me that two people like you and me were getting along really great on the phone and they'd never met, I'd say, 'Well what's the matter with you- meet each other!'" So we thought about it. We picked neutral territory closer to her world because she was the woman and I was better about driving four hundred miles. We decided, well, the worst that could happen was we take a look at each other and go 'eh- lets stay friends.'

After a couple months of dealing with snarr all around us and having fun on the computer, IM-ing back and forth, we decided oh heck. lets talk on the phone. We figured we'd give ourselves a limit of 15 minutes. After 2 hours we still had a hard time hanging up. I was thinking she was a really good friend. She later told me she really really liked my voice.

11 September, 2001 hit way too close to home to both of us. I was 50 miles from ground zero, had friends who were eye witnesses, had friends who were talking to people who were in adjacent buildings. Had friends who became so rattled they needed to leave work and sit down and get a hug and walk around a while before they could concentrate on anything. My father had been a fireman so when 300 + firemen died at the World Trade Centre, I was devastated. Cathi was working for (sort of the Canadian version of the Interstate Commerce Commission, Travel Safety Board and Civil Aviation Authority... and then some?) and she was THE Contracting person for most of Ontario, so she went into overdrive as tons of emergency contracts had to be written so the wonderful wonderful Canadians could thanklessly help out those snarr 'Americans' (that I've been calling USA-tians lately, even if I am sorrta one of them?)

We had lots of misadventures in the real world and met on line some time in 1999, I think. We talked in IMs, I figured I was allergic to any kind of real relationship with an Aries, but I knew they could be fun to talk to, even flirt with. She knew about my misadventures and near misses in the love department and then told me she was separating from her husband. We (neither one of us) ever guessed we'd even meet, let alone fall in love and all that...

Cathi was born on the 3rd of April (Aries) (Gemini Ascendant, Pisces Moon) 1962.

I was born on the 9th day of the 9th month in the year of Earth's confusion, 1949. (Virgo Sun, Cancer Ascendant, Aries Moon).

2006: Mercury Retrograde

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July 4, 2006
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01:22 Leo July 28, 2006
8:39 pm EDT
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25:04 Scorpio November 17, 2006
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